Never really complained about MM but oh well

Lets say there are 6 players matching, 2 VG golds, 1 poa gold, 1 poa silver, 1 poa bronze and one T6 trash.
How MM should be done- FIRST, separate the 2 VG golds, then put poa gold and t6 trash with one VG gold and then poa silv and poa bronze with the other. But no. Who wants fair matchmaking. Who cares. What is fair matchmaking even?
VG logic— 2 vg gold + t6 trash = 3 poa.

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If those are the only players in the region just shut the game down. Matching VG gold with t6 just because enemy is the same story doesn’t make it balanced AT ALL. If you can’t match VG Gold with VG bronze at the very least display a warning of no players in queue. Do not match VG with low tiers to balance things out. It’s not balanced. It’s way too random for many reasons.


This would start an outbreak of “VG is dying” which it is but the white knights wouldn’t know what to say. Not just that but then money whales would probably stop putting money into the game.

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VG is already dead. It started dying last year. My friends have last online of 500d

Yeah I know. I meant give that only for high tiers as the player base should be smaller there. I don’t think there’s a single VG silver+ player that thinks the player base is in a good spot right now. Even if that’s not a solution there’s more subtle ways to do it. For example add “High/low activity” on ranked mode. High tiers will know low activity means no people to match you with and stay away. But matching VG gold with t6 literally can never end as a fun game.


The problem is duoQ. The VG golds queue together, and from there there’s literally nothing MM can do. It’s not the fault of the algorithm, there are simply too few players in the game.

I also object to your use of T6 “trash”. It’s not the fault of the new player that he’s new, and it’s attitudes like this that push players away from the game.


Thank you for mentioning this. I’ve been harping on this point for years. Every game needs new players to replace those who leave. If those new players aren’t made welcome, the game dies. Period.


I think i know well and fine they are t6 and dont know much. Cant help. Dont have much expectations from them in a game, but what triggers me is the fact that THEY ARENT WILLING TO LEARN. Yeah, not all t6s are like this. I have t4 and t6 friends too. But these ones just disgust me. @hazeleyes due to these t6s that are now boosted to t9/t10, 70% of the old quality t10s have left the game. When OGs are leaving, getting new players doesnt really change the fact that the game is dying especially when the numbers joining are way lower than the numbers leaving.

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