Netherknight Vox by Lucus Parolin

Lucus Parolin Artstation Post

Concept number 3 gives me a Kingdom Hearts stain glass feel. And the 4th one also is cool too but the current one ingame is the best.

Alex Chen Artstation post

It seems it was based on Devil May Cry and the anime Rage of Bahumut


I love the last concept art. Generic but still beautiful

The lasts one has… A sword? #NetherKnightIdrisConfirmed

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Now that u mention it… this concept actually fits idris more than vox. OOMF THAT WAS SOME HOT TEA

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The “sword” is what he has in his back.

But… still… the concepts fit idris… didn’t think about that.

That was sumn discovery luv

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I added to the post.


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