Netherknight Ardan by Alberto Rocha



The three variations of what the splashart could’ve been is on the actual post though.

The other 3 variations

Pretty cool design. Though I got confused when I first say it since it looked like it was a monster from Athena Varya or more specifically Roman/Greek Mythology (Kronos). Could have been called Tartarus Arden :tipping_hand_man:

Either that or this skin looks like The Destroyer from Thor (Marvel) and with a roman helmet attached…


Or a more metal Aatrox

Maybe its a combination of all of them I listed :eyes:


I love that red gem in his chest, is like a very powerful gem! All his power comes from there… :crazy_face:


I love the art… I just dislike the skin. It just doesn’t feel like an Ardan skin for me. It almost makes me think of Tony - short and stocky.

It’s a cool skin, just not for Ardan.


Checked out the art station and I found the variations for Rainbow Glaive too. I am so mad Rainbow Glaive’s splash art did not end up being the second variation. It’s so majestic

Variations I am talking about:


I thought of the Destroyer from Thor as soon as I saw the skin yesterday. The splash art is very cool, though I have to agree that I don’t really see it as an Ardan skin …


Same, nor for ardan at all… just does not fit.


I think it was originally lance skin but semc was like ah… **** it let’s give to ardan and hope no one notice.


Guess the third one had more S A S S so they wnet with it :haha: