Nether Queen Grace or Hell Flame Grace

                                    Nether Queen Grace 

  What if Grace was forced to be the next Nether Knight?

                                       Effect Changes 

» Appearance- Gastly appearance such in pic 1. Slight change to her Mace into a Torch or flaming Mace. Artist:BHSNO DevianArt

» Retribution (Perk)- Grace slams her mace into the ground but ember and flames erupts from the ground.

» Benediction ( A )- Grace dashes to her target, dragging her mace along the ground behind her which leaves a trail of fire.

» Holy Nova (B)- Grace slams her Mace into the ground causing a pillar of fire to erupt at the center and a firey shockwave around her (radius).

» Diving Intervention ©- Grace grasps a blue flame in her hands and sends it into the ground which once again erupts underneath the targeted ally. CHANGE IN ANIMATION: Grace does not send it upwards but shoots the blue flame into the ground.

» Recall- Grace explodes into a fireball which flys up and back down when at the spawn.

Also y are the title and etc in that wierd grey box?

Seems cool, if i played her i would want It. It would be amazing to see in game.

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As a Grace player I can confirm this skin would be lit