Nerfs? Buffs? Item changes?

Hello my name is LudicousGaming and I’m a veteran vainglory player. I’ve been with vainglory since it’s luanch and have seen the game grow and go through some serious changes over the past few years. We all know how frustrating it is when certain heroes hit the fold or the rise now and hit them hard. Though there is many counter plays to certain heroes we can’t ignore that they are just too good to be true and some heroes have stayed that way for a long time as well.

I’ll be going through each hero, yes all 37 of them and talk about thier strengths weaknesses and how they should be changed to better help thier role or make them less off a train and more like a truck.

Each hero will have a ranking by thier name ranging from F to S. F being the lowest and S being the highest and BA being balanced. I’ll try my best to anazlye each hero to thier best abilities and what role they’re suppose to be and how well they do it. We will start with a classic


Grade: BA

Adagio is a ranged healing support character with some good damage and bully capability. With his DOT(damage over time) with his arcane of fire that comes from his first ability adagio can put you at a disadvantage if you stay too close to him or his allies. If enemies with the fire take damage adagio regens mana. I personally think this is fine, adagio waste a lot of mana casting his abilities and if he isn’t careful he can be without mana quickly and be in a very bad spot.

His A heal for a burst and then some extra small healing over time for a short time. If enemies are near whoever he uses his A on they will receive the fire effect and if he casts on himself enemies are slowed greatly. Again I’m okay with this. He has to be in danger for the slow to work meaning he’s in trouble or he has to put himself in trouble more then your over extending a adc in top lane. The the fire doesn’t do major damage unless your constantly on who ever he heals or if he builds cp. it’s almost like a warning like he’s yelling “Hey! Don’t you touch my friend or I’ll mess you up!”.

His B gives a slight damage buff for a certain amount of HITS, yeah remember the adagio saw lane push. It also has a duration so it will eventually run out. Against fire targets it does some extra damage and when he casts it on himself it does slightly more damage. This is so if he wants to carry he can Andy I’m all up for this it can hurt but it only lasts for awhile and if he is stunned by like cath things can turn south for adagio very quickly.

His ult is a huge circle of death that will stun you if you’re on fire. Imagine that your burning to death and now he won’t let you blow out those flames. During the cast he gets a huge amount of fortified health like 1100 at level 3!!! That’s a lot at level 1 it has more then skaarf but we will get to that adorable little dragon later. Yes some can make the argument he has to stand still for 2 seconds to cast that sweet sweet cc(if he burns them) but even as a carry that seems like a little much and yes you can run out off it becuase he has to stand still but if they’re gonna run then why the big barrier in the first place?

Adagio has out of all the supports the 2 lowest health and for good reason. He teeters between carry and support. He isn’t a tank, he’s a support like life support or a energy drink to make you feel better. He takes big risks running into enemies head first and I can see why he isn’t first pick for tanking. His utility is great if properly used right and can be a major game changer if you have a good one in your team. He isn’t strong as others but he isn’t by no means weak either and shouldn’t ever be over looked becuase he’s squisher then the rest of the supports besides one other. He has a 11% pick rate in casual. A 18% pick rate for 5v5 casual and 10% pick rate on ranked 3v3. I think adagio kit is in a good place and it’s just people are having a hard time using it.

Hey if u know more about heroes’ positions in the meta you can help out my meta overview wiki lol


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