Nerfed, too weak, buffed. Buffed, too strong, nerfed. Rinse and repeat

Yeah the title says it all. Can we have one freaking patch that makes all heroes balance which in my humble opinion “balanced” means having the same number of counters and countered. Just set a single purpose for a hero and please do not confuse it.
E.g everyone’s bae just came back from the dead WP Gwen. She was too weak pre 3.0 and was given such a buff that now she outdamages Baron and other heroes. I’m pretty sure that she’ll be nerfed soon but why? Why do you make a buff like that to nerf it later some point in the future?


That’s the dynamic of the game, because something is unbalanced, there exist a meta, where some heroes are dominant and therefore so will be their counters. Imbalance is only unfun when it makes the meta stale with heroes too close to the optimal value, or the game stays the same for too long. That’s where nerfs and buffs come in play, to shake things up and create new game states. It is unfair to expect a completely balanced game, given the vast expanse of knobs and dials that can be adjusted in a MOBA, and a little variation here and there makes the game dynamic as it is.
Tl;dr: The devs are doing their best to balance the game, if you don’t have anything useful to suggest or discuss then don’t complain.


Simple: set a purpose for the hero. E.g: Gwen p.2: I envision her to be a hit and run sniper so I’ll make her Buckshot, Boomstick and Aces High hit like a truck while increasing the cooldown between each shot to balance that out. When you have a purpose for a hero, it’ll be much easier to balance that hero out

But heroes aren’t designed to simple with singular mechanics. Deep complexity and variety in skill usage makes the game appealing. I don’t want cookie cutter roles but roles that can be defined by your own actions.

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Yeah it’s confusing they buff hero and nerf SAME hero at the next patch, actually the balancing is good when the meta could change even there’s no update at all and i never experience this when playing Vainglory

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I mean you can’t go anywhere without the basics right?

You’ll never get complete balance, do you appreciate how many variables there are in the game? All hero’s, all abilites, all items etc etc… that’s amounts to hundreds of parameters, which you would need to test independently for every change you’ve made.

Point being is it’s impossible to conduct the level of testing you’re proposing between patches. Not unless you make patches a yearly event and do away with regular updates or you double your work force, neither of which are favourable for SEMC or us.

Besides half the fun is working out how to exploit changes in each patch, who wants to play a game where every patch is the same?


Slight changes can be made but only slight. And also the bad thing is they don’t allow us to play the PBE. If they made this available to all players (well who registered actually), we could give feedback on the game and new builds. They can put new builds onto the PBE for us to test every week to find out the best and of course to be the build for the next update

Have you ever conducted a UAT before? If you have you’ll know that it’s

A It’s not easy.
B It’s not cheap.

They do give users early access to conduct tests, but once again you can only test so much.

I’ve got no issue with meta changes, just as last by as they hotfix the ridiculous OP hero’s that sometimes pop up as a result.


This is such a great question and I’m guessing books could be written about the topic. The long and short of it is that you’re looking for that goldielocks zone. The porrage is too hot, this one is too cold, this one is JUUUUUUUST right.

In all seriousness SEMC doesn’t understand/small balance changes. I don’t know why, especially 4? years after release? Other mobas make small incremental moves over the course of several balance patches before landing on final numbers. And I’m not talking about OP this patch, UP this patch…I mean “this hero is lacking damage, lets increase their damage a bit” for like 3 patches with SMALL damage upgrades. SEMC has NEVER been very good at incremental moves and it’s weird that they haven’t realized it’s better to make small moves.

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Holy hell one guy knows me just right. E.g my boy SAW here. 87 WP lvl 12: too low, 127 too high 116 just right