Negativity about the game


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In general, and in life, everyone is entitled to their opinion, okay? We love that~ but lemme be honest…positive thinking doesn’t work… It’s totally valid that people have criticism and complains, it’s just the fact that SEMC doesn’t listen that makes those complains seem unwanted and redundant.

Complains would be encouraged or praised even, if the dev listen, but as of right now…sadly no. I think positivity is redundant right now also, ‘cause ppl know for a fact that things ARE bad.


I think you misunderstand what I mean by positivity and optimism. I’m not asking you to make posts that celebrate the game, or spin everything to the best interpretation, or even to ignore the stuff you don’t like. As I said earlier, don’t fake it if you’re not feeling it. There’s plenty to dislike, and I join people in disliking those things. After all, it’s not like I’m going out of my way to make celebratory posts either, so don’t think that’s what I’m asking you to do.

What I’m saying is that it would be good if people stopped injecting their complaints into all of their comments on every semi-related topic, which is really what it feels like right now. For instance, there’s a thread in the Broken Pipe with a screenshot that might tease a brawl game mode. There are posts there taking unnecessary jabs at semc for prior statements about device performance, implying that they’re liars, and complaining about talents to imply that the hypothetical mode will be a failure anyway. We don’t even know if the screenshot is real, let alone what the parameters of the mode might be. Is this really the time to assume that it’ll be a failure, and to start directing the conversation that way? If I were a new player who liked the game enough to find this place, but then I saw the complaining going on, I’d leave this forum straight away.

Again, not asking you to put on rose-colored glasses. That’d be hypocritical, since, really, I’m a pretty pessimistic person and, to be honest, I look for the bad in a lot of things. But I know there’s nothing gained by dwelling on bad things, or mentioning them every chance I get.

Sometimes, positivity is simply not making everything about your dissatisfaction.


Late comment here, but while I do agree that negativity is bad, it doesn’t change the fact that one will be frustrated, and even angry, that a game that they loved doesn’t give them what they wanted out of it. Take me, for an example. The main reason why I left VG was due to a lack of 3v3 Ranked matches. the Brawl modes and 3v3 casual mode could be fun if they were played sparingly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play them sparingly, because 3v3 Ranked was as dead as Earth during the Permian-Triassic Extinction. The brawl modes are too short, while 3v3 casual, at least how I remember it, was nothing but me giving the enemy team curbstomps. I don’t even remember the last time I lost in a casual 3v3 match, while there are too memories of me losing 5v5 matches. And speaking of 5v5, even though I couldn’t figure out a solid reason why 3v3 Ranked was dead, one of my guesses was that 5v5 killed 3v3 ranked matches. Because of that guess, I REALLY hated 5v5. Even if that isn’t actually true, I still believe it, and as time goes on, and as SMEC promotes 5v5 while 3v3 is ignored, if not outright forgotten, I distance myself from the game more and more, while my negativity towards the game grows.


What I’m saying is that it would be good if people stopped injecting their complaints into all of their comments on every semi-related topic, which is really what it feels like right now.

I totally agree to this. One of the reasons I decided to create the topic anyway. It is truly saddening that your allies today, will be the enemies of tomorrow (a.k.a veteran players who are rage-fueled now)
Yes, the did messed up alot, ignored other things and added more stuff the community did not asked for. But is it really something to bash upon? We get it, you hate this new [insert something] feature. Because they did not prioritize the things you were wishing for.

But if you take it from another perspective, it is poisonous to returning/new players. The community is taking a genocide as of now-- okay that is somewhat exagerrated…

I cannot explain it on my own words to be honest. Nobody here is wishing to only focus on the positive, rather try to lessen the negativity and not spurt it out repetitively on different topics/discussions which is somewhat happening right now on this very topic…

P.S: Thanks for the feedbacks, maybe we can bring out the root problem this way. And no, it is more of your mood and feelings not about the game entirely.
Blame game at its finest.


I used to share your opinion when the old forum was up. I visited pretty often but only to check for news or something. I felt like it’s overly negative for no reason and no matter what happens people always complained about anything and everything. Not saying there was nothing bad but sometimes I felt like SEMC does X and people are ready to bomb their HQ, they do the exact opposite of X and it’s literally the same thing. The problems of VG back then were mainly out of game. Guilds and other similar things. They’re cool and everything but to be honest I don’t care. The gameplay was good.

Fast forward to now. Gameplay is sooo bad, match maker thinks it’s 1st April everyday I just can’t take it. I might not like something but I don’t really care if the UI is ugly, guilds are useless or new players think Krul can 1v100. But when it affects gameplay, the one thing I care for I think this is completely justified now. I didn’t even think about quitting when they started doing RNG BS chests, other downright scams etc. Yeah I hated it, yeah with friends I spoke against it but not publicly. But after they tried VERY hard to ruin gameplay I just don’t see why I would hide anything I think from public. They did that to themselves. I don’t even know what’s positive about the game at all to be honest. Exception being their teams making splash arts and new heroes.

They keep making completely random changes without literally any explanation. I don’t understand this at all. It makes no sense, it is counter productive. Why would they do that?

They took 2 extra weeks, extending an update by 50% to fix bugs. Literally only reason was to fix bugs. 2 weeks. Why is Samuel’s B still stuck? Why does Grace have constant B up (visually), why are Churnwalker chains stuck and chained across the entire map? Why am I getting constantly hit by abilities that don’t actually hit me? Why are turrets and walls sucking me in? What is this sorcery? Some of those have been here for almost 3 years like the worst one, the sucking in. How is that not fixed or even acknowledged by them? If that’s not a game breaking bug I need an example of what is. Why can’t I party with hotness but I can match someone in their first ranked ever?

I just don’t see why people wouldn’t talk against them right now. I listed only gameplay related things. If they at least start working on those, at least acknowledge them and then start working then I wouldn’t be as negative. But they don’t even try to work on that. When Zekent released his plans to change 5v5 meta I liked it and didn’t say anything negative. I said even if it’s bad and changes are pretty bad I don’t mind. At least they acknowledged the problems and gave solutions and plans to fix them. And they started working on them. Even if it’s real bad they can fix it if they keep going in the direction they said they would. But the thing is that happened once in so long. They have a loooooot to make up for. The more they delay it the harder it would be to.

If you are talking about me, that’s not what I said. I said that the game is in a lot worse state and it is. I wouldn’t ever tell anyone to not play VG just because I don’t like it. Matter of fact I want MORE players to play VG so that we all could get better experience.

About the mentality you go in games with, yes you’re right it affects you a lot. But even then if you want I can do a little experiment like yours. I can go in-games and completely ignore everything that might make anyone tilt and I’ll tell you when how long it takes to get someone toxic. I don’t know about your experience but EU T10 isn’t exactly gonna give me a long time to prove my point. Anyway as I said I do agree that it helps a lot if you aren’t actually trying to find toxicity.

There’s more important causes of the overly negative view on the game. For example why can’t I report someone that’s actually toxic? Wouldn’t it be much better toxicity wise if the entire player base didn’t have to change their mentality to play and have fun and instead have SEMC implement some kind of report? How’s that not in the game? It’s basically in any online game. And no down vote doesn’t count, it’s literally useless. And even bigger problem (recently I haven’t seen many complains about toxicity to be honest) is that as I said above gameplay is sooo much worse than before. Shouldn’t VG strive to be better than before and not better than a joystick MOBA? And fail even at that… They had the best in-game experience while bad out of game one. Now both are worse. And it’s not because ML or AoV improved drastically. It’s because VG is getting worse and worse. How can we actually change that? If we don’t speak out why would SEMC change their ways? If we all just quit (not realistic, just saying) they’ll die. That’s not good solution either. But we need them to act. Some of the most influential people in this game quit, and it’s because of really unenjoyable experience not because of burnout or no love for the game anymore, and SEMC do not even act like it happened. Just ignoring. There’s no hope if they do not act.


And this one an extra month for what i supposed will be the same result.


I mean, it kind of is though. Someone expressed enthusiasm about the game, and you said the game wasn’t worth being enthusiastic about. You basically said to that person, directly, that their enthusiasm was misplaced. What do you want someone to take away from that exchange? Keep playing the game, or stop playing the game? Just let people enjoy things.

That said, I understand all your points about gameplay and out-of-game issues and where you think semc is falling short. I don’t even disagree with you on a lot of it. I’m just saying let’s quit the constant hedging everywhere. It’s exhausting to read, especially in conversations with people who are genuinely excited about something and it’s honestly pushing me away from this forum. I’m not saying it’s you, specifically, as I really like your posts, to be honest, and I think you’ve been fair in your comments. Just responding to that example.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll say, so you can have the last comment on it, if you like.


Hate to say it but gotta agree with the negative nancys on this one, despite holding the view that vainglory needs a more positive environment. There really just isn’t much to feel positive about. It’s literally depressing to play this game half the time and it’s largely because of the in battle experience. Yes, when it’s good, it’s great, but more often than not nowadays it’s just bad.


I’ve refrained from commenting on this thread before now because it got me thinking, and I wanted to take a bit of time before replying. But here’s my take:

I’m going to agree with @HipsterSkaarf on this subject – the main point @Rawzri brought up in his OP is quite valid: there’s a lot of negativity emanating from many of the posts here. And I’m guilty of it sometimes as well, I freely admit. Tbqh, I’m glad that Rawzri brought it up, because reading this thread made me reassess the way I word things – as Hipster says, it’s certainly possible to be critical about issues with the game without injecting that negativity into every post, even on unrelated topics.

I’ve resolved to adopt a more positive tone while continuing to highlight areas where I see opportunities for SEMC to do better. Hopefully some of you will decide to do the same.


I mean that’s probably what the Salt Mine was created for…

Keeping the negative stuff inside and pretty much giving a home to the negativite posts.

But its has been leaking by comments relating to the topic of the OP posts and relating it to something bad about the game.



But that’s not what I said or meant. I do think VG is a good game, Hell I even still play it myself (though I took a break). And in my opinion it’s still worth playing. It’s very annoying at times but yes it is playable. I wouldn’t tell anyone to not play something just because I don’t like it. Everyone should have their own opinions.

With that said though, every patch it seems like SEMC’s trying to get closer that that unplayable state. Why would we have anything positive to say about them (I know you didn’t say that) when they aren’t even trying to put in the effort to work towards improvement? As I said when they announced their plans about future of 5v5 I was happy and had positive things to say about that even before seeing the changes. That’s because it was the first time in a very long period that they actually acknowledged a problem. Before that every single organisation quits, fan-favorite devs, some of the most loved players and contributors and SEMC do not even show they understand or even see that. Nobody likes how bad jungle meta is and with it side lanes yet they don’t even address that (until they released the plans, for which again I was happy and said it). It’s just that you can’t expect to not get negative comments when you are actively trying to ruin something great.

As I said when the old forums are up I shared this same idea. I thought they are overly negative. But back then gameplay was good so I still think that way. Old forums were way too negative for not enough reason. Now though basically everything in this game is in a bad state and they do not show that they want it to improve. That’s why now I think the negativity is pretty justified. Fix the gameplay and then do your RNG scams I won’t criticize them. Fix the gameplay AND have fair way of earning money and I will praise them. For months and months and months though they aren’t showing any kind of awareness or desire to improve. I can’t not be negative when I’m left with no choice.


I might speak for myself but I think the rampant negativity is, in part, a good thing. As much as I agree with positivity being able to change a lot, the problem is people were positive about this game, and things got this bad, and the double whammy is that things aren’t even that bad in general, it’s just that the things that are are really glaring and ever present. What other options do we have to let SEMC know that there are serious core issues and that they are seriously affecting players? I’ve never been one to even touch ‘a reddit’ but I think the negativity spreading over there is actually good. Maybe it will help register things in SEMC’s mind that known issues are affecting their playerbase that much. Maybe it would be best to just hold off on new content for a while and focus on re-optimizing the game because it’s really not in an enjoyable state and it’s because of things that semc can change or provide incentives to change just as much as it’s the players.


Agree, but hard tho… we are humans with emotions and /past/ passion about the game. Most humans tend to express their opinion with emotional tone, especially in forums and not private places.


the truth is, lately i seldom visiting this forum. too lazy to read a complaint here and there… i found complaints in every thread. it affects me slowly but sure… and it drive me away…

usually i’m a pretty silent reader and read every thread…