Need tips for celeste

Calling celeste mains, can you please help a new player here? Does the recommended builds work most of the time? if not then suggest some builds you got. I also need sum tips on how to play her too btw.

Churr in advance

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You can’t really rely on recommended builds all the time.


Now as celeste your main source of damage wll come from helogenisis. The combo of placing one helogenisis over the other will give huge amounts of burst damage.

your first item is either shatter glass or dragons eye.
Now here is why you should prefer which one.
If you can hit the enemy 11 times or more only then buy dargons eye. Otherwise get SG.

Your A should be maxed out and overdrived at level 8 cause it gives you range buff and you can easily outrange most of the opponents. Keep in mind your A is aoe type based so it neccesary to hit the A+A combo to loads of enemy.

Your B should be either DIve canceller or help you or your teammate in escape.

Your ultimate is global s keep an eye on others lanes to snipe the enemy sitting from your lane.

Here is how you should build

  1. Get DE/SG
  2. Recall and get boots as you are squishy
  3. Next time buy Chronograph and reflex block
  4. Get peircing shard
  5. Buy clock work
  6. Broken mith or aegis in any order you like but they both should be completed
  7. I recommend journey boots
  8. Buy eve of harvest if you feel squishy or spell fire for poke damage.

Mhh i usually buy halcyon chargers for more cooldown reduction, but if you usually chase your enemies, then journey boost is better, and spellfire is usaualy better than eve of harvest. I buy eve when my enemies don’t have a lot of defense and i need to fight for more time

Eve seems a waste of you’ve already secured a CW (which you should for spammable As). In fact eve really needs some love right now because it’s not as good as it once was imo.

Although i don’t main any hero’s I’d recommend her core build as:


Options (match dependent).


Obviously overdrive her A as a priority as the increased range buff when overdriven is her key power spike. Most say overdrive her C, and they’re probably right but I’d occasional overdrive her B (game dependent obviously).

Positioning is key with Celeste, always ensure you’re at the back of the pack using your exceptional range to pound on the enemy… your very squishy and lack mobility, so if you get caught out chances are our dead.

I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

Basically the idea with Celeste is to keep your range. You want to stay at the back of the fight, behind any teammates, and just drop stars on the enemies. A good thing to do is to set up stars just before a teamfight, especially where you think the enemy might move, so that when the teamfight starts, you can blow them up in their faces.

Also, you want to play defensively and farm minions until you reach level 8. If you level her abilities right (ult when it’s available, otherwise always A) then you hit a range increase from her A at level 8. That’s when you can really start fighting, until then you want to stay in lane, if possible close to the turret, and make sure you get last-hits on all minions.

In certain situations, you can pop into the jungle to get ambient exp from the jungler (hypercarrying), but tbh I only recommend that as a team, not in SoloQ.

As for items, there’s too many options and different situations for me to go through different builds, but generally, anything in the Crystal tree except AC and AS are good, and I’ll say she often works well with 4- or even 5-item builds. (Buying 4 or 5 crystal items in exchange for a lack of defence)


You can try SG SF CW BM. If you can’t build yourself depending on situation then use this. It’s pretty good in most situations.

You shouldn’t buy multiple t2 items that don’t build into the same item. Unnecessarily slowing your power spikes while removing usefulness from yourself while building.

Her power spike at lvl 8 is huge but she’s pretty strong early game. If you don’t use it you’re wasting her potential.

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celeste and kestrel , i know if someone good with them by seeing them spamming their A ability
if you cant spam and attack fast you are not good enough and you need to practice

celeste strength is by making the area filled with traps , every single star is a trap
you are controlling how enemy walk around by dropping them around you and near enemy
like if you in lane and enemy hiding behind their turret in lane you can easily spam your A around the turret and just send another to make supernova and damage the enemy laner !

as fighting if you building clockwork always start with r ulting enemy because your ult will be available again in the fight and can finish enemy with it , so ult then spam A then ult when its available .

always max your A , if you are against mobile heroes max your B too , if enemy slow , max your ult .

the best build right now is shatter , spellfire , clockwork , brokenmyth, halcyon charge boots , husk or aegis

How to not be a bad celeste.

Step One: NEVER EVER go to the frontlines. You will be deleted before you know it.

Step two: DON’T get caught out. Getting caught out of position means a free kill for the enemy.

Step three: Stay at the backlines and do damage from AFAR. Remember she has a 9.5 range in her A when overdrived, abuse it!(What I do all the time hehehehe)

Step four: Don’t die in the early game. A death means you will delay your powerspike even longer and it will stop you from snowballing out of control after you hit your Shatterglass + Spellfire powerspike.

Step 5: Dragon’s Eye is not the best item on Celeste, so DO NOT BUY it unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you can consistently do damage with her A and HIT it for I see too many times Celeste’s following the recommended build and wonder why they only have 5 stacks of DE after like more 10 seconds in the fight. Pros prefer Shatterglass for more upfront burst damage for Celeste is a Burst Carry and Shatterglass fits in better with her than DE can ever do. I find myself killing an enemy after less than 5 seconds with Shatterglass and DE will just hinder Celeste’s ability to burst down a squishy in a matter of 1,2, 3

Step 6: Do NOT buy Eve on celeste. It is really useless trust me. Because of the low CP Eve gives it offers next to nothing in helping Celeste kill enemies quicker before she herself dies whn she gets dived upon. Eve will only buy her 1-2 seconds and then she’ll die anyways so it is useless.

Step 7: Practice, practice, practice. All of these tips are useless if you don’t practice for Celeste is a difficult hero to master, Being a PURE Skillshot hero and the fact that one coordinated dive will kill her really fast if you are not careful.


I recommend learning how to “trade” damage. This is quite hard to do, as it required an in-depth knowledge of all abilities in the game.
All heroes need to do this, but Celeste in particular will only get the increased range in her Helio’s at level 8. Making her quite a liability until you successfully achieve enough EXP by farming as fast as possible.

Facing any hero that can potentially outrange your helio’s, It’s all about timing your abilities at exactly the right moment and not getting hit.

Use ALL your abilities, ALL the time. A, B, A, A,A,B… C. rinse and repeat.

So basically this is what you guys have been saying:
Don’t buy DE if you can’t stack in teamfights (i. e. Not landing my a’s)
Stay at the back line during teamfights
Get the upper edge early to mid game so I can snowball to late game
Max out my B if the enemies are really deft such as Taka
Max out my ult most of the time (i dont get this)
Buying spellfire for the AOE damage?
She relies on 4 damage dealing items? Fr?

I personally always max her ult, 7 stars hurt like hell. If you’re full build and they’re low on shield you can get the entire enemy team minus the captain to half health or below.

SF is for the mortal wounds and the tick damage is pretty good. I hate facing SF mages because the burn damage and MORTAL WOUND reminds me of the good old two hit Taka days. ;-;

4 damage items because she’s a late game hypercarry, like almost every mage. Don’t prioritize defense on her because if you’re caught out unless your captain is a god you’re pretty much dead anyway. This doesn’t mean you ignore shielding entirely, just don’t heavily invest into defense. Mages are a team’s greatest damage source, let your frontliners tank the damage.

I said that line cause you will be level 6 as well as your enemies so it is better to have a reflex block to be safe from ganks like khoska and krul

No, not my point. Block is good. You shouldn’t buy shard and chronogram together. It’s not gold or slot efficient and it takes your time. If they have a lot of armor finishing BM will be more effective. If they don’t CW will work better. But if you buy parts of both you don’t get any of them soon enough while not getting anything special or good meanwhile

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my bad messed up order of pericing shard and clockwork. you are right clockwork before percing shard