Need Help With GIFs

I wanted this gif as my profile background, but for some reason, whenever I try to change my profile background, it won’t actually update the preview window, as shown here.

I’ve waited for approximately 5 minutes, and still nothing happens.

And as I’m writing this post, I just found out that can’t even upload the gif I’m talking about for no reason, as the code for it doesn’t even appear, as apposed to the screenshot, where the code DOES appear, forcing me to use a link.

Hmmm … I can’t get your file or any other animated GIF I’ve tried to upload here either.

JPEGs work fine, though. (Enjoy the gratuitous Miss Fortune image.)

Going to have to investigate this some more – GIFs are allowed in the settings, and I believe they’ve worked in the past…

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They work for me, I have no issue uploading GIFs, I’ve 'em as my card and profile background for quite some time. My only suggestion is to consider the size or quality of the GIF you’re uploading - some GIFs I’ve tried in the past haven’t uploaded if they’re too high-quality.

Can you try uploading the one @This_Aint_Sparta_2.0 linked to above?

Didn’t work, tried with my iPad and my computer. This is certainly an odd one. Only one other GIF has given me an issue in the past, and again, it was because it was hq. Is it maybe too small, or too long?


EDIT: well, that worked … I bet it’s a size thing. No idea what the limit on size is, though …

We need skins like this for Gwen though

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I main both Gwen and Miss F … I agree with you!!

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And Gwen needs a Summer Party skin

How do you main gwen? She is very hard to get in 5v5…

I haven’t been able to play her in like 6-8 matches…

I only play 5v5 in parties, so I get her if I want her. (My friends know I’m pretty decent with her.) I almost never play ranked, so she’s available all the time.

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Sorry for necroposting, but I found out that there’s definitely a length limit on gifs, as the gif that’s shown is the gif I had problems with in the first post, but edited for length.
I think that there’s a 3 second length limit, as I have a gif that’s 4 seconds and when I tried to use that as a profile background, it didn’t work. Take this with a pinch of salt, however, as the 4 second gif i mentioned was also edited for length.


I had a feeling this was the issue. Thanks for clarifying yo.

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