Need help. Tips and tricks for be coming a better player

Please can someone please give me.some tips and tricks to get a little better ease check this out and any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

Why is there no actual video? I hear your voice but see a frozen screen…

Can’t deduct anything from this.

You did pretty good for somebody with 300 - 400 ms.

All I can suggest is to increase your hero pool diversity.


  • Increase hero diversity
  • Get that ms down
  • Learn to stutter step. Saw is fine without it, but other heroes require it
  • Do manual build. I get that there is builds already. Write them down if you have to, but get out of the habit of just tapping the bottom right hand corner when you are at a shop. The quicker you understand what you’re buying, the quicker you will understand what goes into what. This will give an advantage, as you can then play situationally. For example, you could see a Koshka an Ardan and realize “I need a RB” or see no blockable ult threats and opt for whatever defense you deem more necessary.

From that clip?

  • Ease up on that turret, at least for the first few minutes. The amount of damage you do to it is nothing compared to if you get caught underneath. Help with a buff invade or help with CP buff (but don’t take). Take your time. If you win a lane battle, push minion wave into turret and recall. 1500 gold doesn’t help anyone.
  • In regards to your first death - you were so close to not dying, I really felt for you. SIDESTEP Idris B. It reaches farther than Saw will run. You should have actually pushed the Rona to begin and if you became low, THEN hit your A. You disengaged too quickly - Saw will win most 1v1s (or 1.25v1).
  • Regarding your Supp. Fire, put your first point in it. Early game slow better than disengage. Try to catch laner deep in it. Most new laners (which 5v5 is full of) panic and attempt to disengage without at least trading damage.
  • A is last ditch effort to disengage. Too many times in that clip, you disengaged with fine health and full stacks. If your B is on cooldown and you have no stacks, you are a sitting duck. As a ganking laner, I look for Saw with no stacks.

Pretty decent, though. Keep it up