National Novel Writing Month

Anyone here participating in NaNoWriMo this year??

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Well I am gonna start a game project with a friend and it’ll be story oriented…does that count?

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They have a forum ? looks like it’s a busy one . . . currently 126222 user’s online.

and a ton of sub forums. There’s subjects I’ve never even heard of.

Huh. Neat.

Still got 200k to go though.

Just discovered that Save the Cat now has a book out for novelists!

(In case you’re not familiar with Save the Cat, it’s a web site (and method of writing) for writers of screenplays; Blake Snyder, who developed the idea, is the mastermind of the “beat sheet” for structuring a script.)

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They’ve got a forum category for you! :vgcheersx3:

This looks like a fun thing to do but then I remembered that my dedication levels really fall off after the first few days…

Mine too, usually. I’m going to do my best to stick it out for 30 days, though!

I suppose that I will not get better at dedication by just sitting here…

edite: can you consent to be my friend on it there seems to be pushing for that.

Yah, definitely! Will send you a DM with my info!

Btw, I’ll add anyone else who wants to participate also!

I didn’t know this was a thing, but I’ve recently (re)started writing and am trying to write something consistent, so I may as well join in…

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I’m furiously trying to get a rough outline of my novel down before the 1st! :memo:

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I’m going to the kickoff writing session tonight at the IHOP here in town! Woo!

Also ...

No, my outline isn’t done :man_facepalming:

So … I’m already 7000 words behind, but I’m going to a write-in here in town (at the local ice cream shop!) tonight, so hopefully I’ll be closer to the target by the end of today!

The working title of my novel is Angel of Winter, and it takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away on a very cold world in some distant future.

Cover Art

The actual cover has my real name on it, in case anyone was wondering :rbgwen:

My hero is a girl named Aislinn. I found inspiration for her in this beautiful painting by Jane Nane:

Wait… ‘hazeleyes’ isn’t your real name?? My life is a lie!


Most relatable thing I’ve heard all day.