NASA's Demo-2 Flight - 27 May 2020

Those who follow the various space programs around the world probably know that the US hasn’t launched a manned mission since the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2011. That’s about to change with the upcoming launch of the Demo-2 mission, which is scheduled for this week:

The spacecraft involved is SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, which will launch atop their proven Dragon 9 booster, with Crew Dragon docking with the International Space Station about 24 hours later.

A great profile of the two astronauts selected by NASA for the mission :arrow_down:

Launch time is currently set for 2020-05-27T20:33:00Z … weather at Launch Complex 39A in Florida is currently looking sketchy, though, with only a 40% chance of favorable launch conditions at present.

Weather forecast is improving! Now 60% chance of favorable weather for tomorrow’s launch!

NASA currently broadcasting live from KSC at Cape Canaveral – weather is looking good for launch in almost exactly 2 hours!

Launch attempt scrubbed for today due to weather … next attempt is Saturday

They’re off! It seems they’ve made it into Earth’s orbit and into space successfully - wahoo!

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