NANI how many POA 5v5 players are there

So I checked on vgpro to check my 5v5 ranking and it is ridiculously high. Are VGPro’s stats not finished or are just barely any POA players in 5v5???

Keep in mind my elo puts me near gold on both modes

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I think the VG Pro elo is screwed up right now, probably in general for api rn.

No VG just gotta small community. I would say you’re position probably makes sense.

Well at POA silver I am usually in top 3000 not near top 1000 and never top 500 .-.

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Malene is making everyone’s rank drop even when she’s permabanned

Aaahhh I see

No lol its perfect.

Yhe reason we are this high is cos many of the t10s dont care about 5v5 and hence didnt bother ranking up.
PS-I m just poa bronze in 5v5.

VGPro has no way to rank everyone … their leaderboards are built from their player database, which would only include players who’ve visited VGPro and (probably) the people they’ve played with.

The API doesn’t give any information about where you stand in the player base.

I guess it is more accurate for high ranked players since we are way more likely to visit the site

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You need to have played a ranked game to be on the leaderboard since they seem to have done a reset.
Which means you have less competition since people are in casuals instalocking Malene.


Kek bow down to me. I am top 400 for the time being REEEEEE

EDIT: Ranked 411 in 5v5 now rip

I ripped a top 200 player to shreds VG silver… Closing in on poa myself…

Anyone wanna book a seat?

Pretty sure most of the playerbase is in 5v5 PoA right now, even competitive. It’s due to some sort of elo bug last I checked as well as cough generallybeingsobad cough.