Nani a dnd discord? For JoJo?

It’s ya boi and I am looking for players for a JoJo dnd server I started! It’s my first dnd as a gm, so I am looking forward to trying it out! If any of u are interested, message me for an invite! You don’t necessarily have to know a lot about JoJo lore since the main similarities are just players having stand abilities, so JoJo newcomers are welcome too!!!

Are you using Roll20?

RP Bot

Pretty much the first dice bot search I got kek

EDIT: O hecc forgot about that website actually. Might use that

Looks like I still plan on doing dnd through discord. Don’t feel like messing with tokens and stuff. I think discord will work just fine. I have a pretty cool JoJo-worthy final boss tho so I’m hella excited for this