My take on worlds


Casual here: Watching this tournament to get a skin but I was actually kind of impressed by the high level play. I learned I could do worlds better just by stutter stepping and setting up proper vision instead of just placing it in obvious ambush spots. I guess for the seasoned vets around here it wasn’t a great show but for me, even with the stops, it gave me time to process what I was watching.


Im not too sure but I think that they got to use an early release of the patch for practice


Lel most of them didnt. Looking at all the twitter rants. They had to adapt to 3.9 in less than a week. Worlds was just held in a bad timing with little notice. Impunity would have played in worlds too but they had WESG qualifiers in the same time.


Yeah this tournament was kinda of a joke, players playing on 200ms, no crowd, only 4 teams playing, only 3 regions out of 6. The games were really good tho like all of them if you have time i would watch them all.


Qlash played 3 games in scrims against Tribe and thats basically all the preparation they had on 3.9


Ah ok, that’s pretty unfortunate in that case


Tweets like this one are the pinnacle of cringiness


“Qlash wasn’t good”, yet they managed to beat the 2 strongest NA teams without coaches, analysts and 2 matches as their only practice :man_shrugging:

It seems NA doesn’t know how to lose. Stop giving excuses and assume you’ve lost, that’s it, move on and practice.

ACE was better than just “decent” lol.


The VG esports scene has always been filled with unprofessionalism and poor sportsmanship. None of this is surprising, tbqh.

[EDIT: those qualities are by no means unique to VG esports, unfortunately, but they seem to be particularly prevalent among VG’s “pros”]


Finally, someone realizes how much worse top lane has become. This is a little bit off topic but top lane is so awful this patch. Buffing the health of the healing treant was so stupid. Top lane was always something that a select number of players were able to play properly but I can barely do top Idris without losing a tower. In fact I lose the first tower within 5-6 minutes which seems to be much better than everyone else but still there is no reason for me to lose tower.

The thing that I hate most is how healing treant takes a good 30 seconds or even longer to clear while the enemy bot duo finish off their inner jungle so I meet them in lane when I am a couple of minons in. This I find so stupid. There could have been so many interesting plays that were possible if they buffed jungle health overall but not the healing treant. I would personally just take my healer and clear two waves and then back safely. But if the enemies decide to invade my healer I would just take their red buff because of the pathing time. With proper vision it becomes so easy to tell where people are going to go.

The thing that sucks the most is when your bot laner is somehow not able to push.


I mean, I don’t give a damn frickle about esports but eh, what exactly do you expect?
Vg pros are mostly cocky 14 or 15 yo preteens, kids gonna act like kids.


Perhaps some of the players on NOVA but everyone else seems to be adults.


Most of the top players are kids, dunno how you would think there are a lot of adults there.


Most of the Eu pros are adults


NOVA is the team to my knowledge that has people in their teens playing. When CozZ joined TSM he was overhyped about his age because it’s unusual for someone so young (14 at the time) to play for TSM Vainglory. The players are definitely not in their 30s though. Most of them probably fall around 18-24ish. But on the department of toxicity none of them the really are except for SAO who isn’t mechanically gifted and requires Truth to carry.


Soa is probably one of the most talented players in Na what are you on about… He is hella immature tho


SAO imo isn’t that good. I’ve beaten him too many times from the top lane and the only time he was on my team he decides to troll because his duo goes AFK and we don’t want to surrender because we are winning. He builds SC and multiple boots so he really is beyond immature for a pro player.

Chuck and Oldskool 100% outclass him, rising stars like RockBomber probably outclass him, and XenoTek might outclass him. He was good in the 3v3 setting (though I did play Taka all the time when I went against him so there’s that) but just not that good in 5s. The day I start playing mid I’ll be sure to judge him with accuracy, because the most I do for mid is rotate down there when I feel comfortable, so ye.