My take on worlds

God i missed the competitive scene, all 4 teams in this tournament were amazing i have so much admiration for every single one of them GGs !

Although the show was great there is a couple of things that really pissed me off about this tournament:
First, technical difficulties galore

Each game was paused at least 2 to 3 times its actually sad how much lag these players were experiencing you could feel the frustration and the tilt each time the game was paused. Idk whats wrong with the competitive server but comon semc get your shit together…
Second, why was this played on patch 3.9 ? They were definitely playing on the competitive server which allows them to play on old patchs and yet they chose to play the most competitive tournament on a patch that’s 5 days old seriously ?
Third, the meta this patch is godman awful this tournament made me realize how bad it actually is. Top lane is even more terrible to play than ever, being shoved in 2v1 with a sieging jungler like skaarf or melene (now i understand why cp kestrel got nerfed) with minion candied waves, tier 1 towers falling 3 minutes in, it really made me feel the players that had to play top lane. I dont care how bad the gold funneling meta was in 3.4 to 3.8, its still way better than this battle royal meta in the sidelanes.

Now for the actual games, all of the series were hard fought and thrilling i enjoyed watching them so much ! Congrats to Ace very deserved champions, the way they play is so composed and clinical they were definitely the best team this tournament ggs to them. Qlash you made europe proud, i knew you would beat the Na teams and you did both of them ! Now i finally have proof to back up my statement, Eu > Na :wink: Shame that L3oN couldn’t make the trip i feel like qlash would have beaten ace if he was playing, maybe some day he will get his passport issues sorted and make Eu world champion


Esports nearly killed VG so no…


1, 2 and 3 are all just signs that the VG Pro scene is a bit of a joke right now.

I feel bad for the players. They’re trying their hardest but SEMC seems to be making good matches as difficult as possible.


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L3oN was no longer in Qlash. That’s the reason why he didn’t go. They dropped their previous roster and acquired the WESG Champions.

He said on his livestream he would have joined qlash if he could travel.

Esports has a never killed a game, its repetitive poor decision making from that got vg where it is

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Shit was still a waste of time and money. All the cash SEMC used to float that overrated PoS could have been better spent on improving the game itself.


Agreed but its still not was cause the downfall of vg, the esports scene isn’t reponsible for all the issues that have frustrated the playerbase for the past 9 months, the matchmaking issues, the queue times, the bugs and poor latency… maybe in a way its responsible for the milking of the game i guess

It seems NA isnt better than EU after all the trash talking they’ve been doing against EU.
I hope people can now stop with that stupidity of X>Y trash talking Y. At the end they are still players and doesnt deserve to be treat like that.

The analyst desk this tourney was so silly it was cringy at times, Flash so confident Nova would beat Qlash 2-0 even going as far as saying both games will be sub 15 minutes he really made a fool out of himself. Qlash beat both Na teams with the odds against them, they had way less preparation, they didn’t have a coach or an analyst and they were the best player in Eu (L3oN), Na has been tough a lesson.


FlashX was a little bit disrespectful towards EU, saying they didnt have any chance of winning, giving excuses when they beat Nova…

Agreed to the point about the esport and FlashX comments. Funny thing is, the finals Qlash vs Ace, the other casters were dissing him asking about qlash and stuff and he justs laughs it off.
For me, the esports was really messy this year. It looks great and all but not as hyping or extravagant as the last 2 worlds. Maybe SEMC should’ve sticked with Razer and not spread themselves too thin with the esports partnership that totally went shit early this year.

I would love to see a more organized one next year though. Even if this year was terrible when it comes to proper esports, they were still able to deliver it somehow. Better than nothing.

@Sandiha but CP Kestrels early game got buffed

But her late game got overall nerfed. If they were were going to nerf the ratios across the board for her, then they should have buffed the B to compensate that.

They destroyed all of her cp ratios and removed the pierce on her ult

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They buffed her basic numbers so she’s even more oppressive as an early seige jungler. Nerf only starts after 100cp

I wondered that too. Last year at worlds was played on an old patch despite there being almost two weeks to learn it beforehand (i know, not long, but a lot more than 5 days)

I don’t think it’s that bad, in fact, I quite like it. Don’t like the top 2v1? What’s stopping you from going off meta and bringing a support/jungler up. I’ve never really understood that tbh. My point is the game is relatively balanced, not worth complaining about.

Tbh i was never hyped about this worlds and didnt even know it was a thing until the finals. “Worlds” with only 4 teams and no one from SEA, SA, CN. Was watching WESG qualifiers with impunity. Imp scrims with Ace a lot so i guess ill support ace in worlds and they won. Anyways, not much of a follower in the esports scene. Only watched the worlds finals. Any previous matches worth watching the replay for?

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Also the pierce on her A. :slight_smile:

I am almost certain the reason is that they really didn’t like the old meta too (especially for viewers). The new one is really more fun to watch and atleast for now more fun to play. There are defo some things to polish and tweak, but overall it’s heading to the right direction imho.