"My, so salty."

#WhoThoughtThisWasAGoodIdea? #LorelaiOP

My team mates did ok, though BF loaded in late and Krul was struggling in the first few minutes.

The guild duo was hard carrying very well, especially Yates since 80% of the hooks I’ve seen thrown out snagged one us succesfully and into a world of CC and hurt no less.

Too bad I’m decent at Lorelai, had enough time to get some items and was using a busted Talent.

They got us to our last two turrets but made the mistake of facing me (the Lorelai) head on at the choke. Needless to say, I locked up them long enough for us to push till their choke point turret got blown up.

Then they made the mistake of fighting at their base choke point. So, stun for the win baby!

I would be quite salty if I get hit by another Lorelai like this too :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly I think her epic talent is bugged. I don’t think it simply adds the stun duration. Instead it has some sort of multiplier. My talent is to a point where it gives an additional “1.2s”, but the stun goes for literally 5 seconds. I doubt Lorelai has a 3.8 sec stun???

I’m not seeing that, and I play her with that talent all the time … can you record a match to show the issue you’re describing?

will do when I have the chance

@Xhaos @hazeleyes

Based on my experiment and using a timer this time, here’s what I found for Lorelai’s stun without the Epic Talent.

First, the very basic stats without items:

  • Without being boosted by a pool, the stun from her A is 0.5 seconds.
  • When being boosted by a pool, the stun gains an additional 0.5 seconds.

When considering items, the stun duration scales with health at a ratio of 0.03% (or in a more sound mathematical presentation - (1 divided by 100, then multiplied by 0.03)).

In a sample case of having Fountain of Renewal (400 HP), Crucible (700 HP) and Warthreads (400 HP), Lorelai’s boosted stun mathematically should be:

Stun duration:
= 0.5 + 0.5 + (1/100 x 0.03 x 1500)
= 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.45
= 1.45 seconds.

Quite decent I must say.

As an extra, if Lorelai has 6 Crucibles (4200 HP), her stun adds up to 2.26 seconds.

With my Lorelai’s Epic Talent being at level 6, I have an additional 1.6 seconds, amounting to usually 3.05 seconds as I build FoR, Crucible and Warthreads in a quick Blitz match.


3 seconds only?! My memory tells me it’s definitely longer than that, but memories are subjective anyway. I’ll try to do some recording.

That’s pretty consistent with what I’ve been seeing. @Xhaos, I agree that sometimes it feels like 5 seconds, though. Lol

that’s recorded from the 1st to last frame Ardan was stunned. It was 4.06 seconds.
(timer is at lower left corner)


It’s too blurry to see her build, but that’s one long damn stun. Ouch.

Its a cruci, war threads, clock, and oak heart


The build is Warthreads, Crucible and Oakheart + Clockwork.

By my calculations, it should have been 2.59 seconds with that much HP (1300) and base stats + pool boost.

Even if 1.2 seconds was added to the ‘base’ and the ‘pool boost addition’, it would not have amounted to 4.06 seconds because that would have been [(1.2+0.5) × 2] + 0.39 = 3.79

If the system added 1.2 to each of the stun duration before adding them together, that would total up to 4.99 seconds.

So, in conclusion, the Talent is bugged and/or my calculations are off somewhere.


This is why I love this place: smart people like you and @Xhaos.

Side note

I will now be abusing this talent even more than I already do.


smart people like you and Xhaos


just kidding ahahah

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