My rant about the new lane minions bounty

In patch 3.8 minions will now grant 30% gold bounty to a nerby ally if killed by non hero so in other words you will still be granted a small portion of gold for missing a cs. Why ? just why… no one ever asked for that stop making the game easier. Last hiting is an essential (yet very basic) mechanic of every moba, if the skrubs that play aov can’t attack a minion when its hp bar turns orange it doesn’t mean we need in our game. Words can’t describe how upset i am right now, i heard so much hype from the pbe testers and i was consediring giving the game a shot but nope screw that lol i would rather play candy crush or tetris at this point they would probably feel more rewarding. See you in 1 month when they screw up the game even more in the next patch.

If a captain has a really bad laner, by this change, they will be able to get some gold, so they doesn’t rely so heavily on laners


Honestly, I was annoyed with the jungle timers, joystick, and the change of default settings. This is beyond obnoxious. SEMC is going through an identity crisis and needs to realize that if they make this game too similar to other MOBAs, they’ll lose the interest of their niche. If they do that, they offer literally nothing special, so they will lose this game and be yet another one-hit wonder game company.


If your carries can’t press on a minion when the hp bar turns orange chances are they’re shit at every other game mechanic. Not a fun experience as a captain either way

This exactly, vainglory has lost its identity. No more lore, default controls when you create a new account are set to joystick, each update the game gets easier and lame mechanics from other mobas are added. The devs are so clueless its crazy, they’re so desperate they think making vainglory Aov but with better graphics will atract more players. Little they know the veteran players that played vainglory for what it was are leaving at an alarming rate and absolutely no one is gonna leave aov to switch to vg.

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I’m alright with it, especially since gold is now 3 per second and a few items cost more. I also don’t really see why last hitting is that important, it’s not something that takes a great amount of skill and can only become a problem when the enemy minions are under the turret. Laning as top has become even harder since the turret change and the minions often die to the turret and it’s out of your power. This change should help. It’s not like no one is gonna last hit, it’s still 70% more gold when last hitting which is a significant difference so if anything I welcome the change.


Idc what this change is gonna mean in terms of actual gameplay, its the mentality behind that upsets me. They’re making the game easier and they’re copying other mobas, they’re just desperate and clueless and so is everyone that is okay with this change

Sorry for wanting to be able to do something if my carry is complete shit.

You can’t have everything served on silver plate, your teammates are shit you take the L that’s how it works.

I should be able to do something, if not why bother playing? To not play? I think that already being in a 2v3/4v5 is hard, so I would call that a “silver plate”. If I can win in that situation they I deserve the win, in the end a player should be able to decide the whole match for 9 other people.


Maybe the changes to items and gold were because they did want to implament this feature into the game and even if it was a copy of other mobas I still feel it’s better for the game because of turret changes.
But if you’re gonna be mad at their mentality for changing it I can’t argue with you because like I said they very well could’ve done it exclusively because other mobas are doing it but like I’ve also already said I feel the change is needed because of the turrets.

And if you’re gonna call me clueless for being ok with the changes even though I’ve provided good reasoning for it than I think the convo can stop hear because someone who provides reasoning is literally the opposite of clueless. Then for you to say " idc what this change is gonna mean in terms of actual gameplay" shows that you really don’t care if this improves the game so your opinion is really invalidated when you don’t care about the actual game.

I can agree that if they changed it because of of other mobas that that isn’t a good reason to do it but for reasons already stated I hope it’s better for the game.


its basically the same concept as having a mid laner with bad mechanics, not gonna add aim assist on abilities so he can land his skill shots right ? The game shouldn’t compensate for lack of skill that’s just absurd, go figure the only games that do are ml and aov 2 games that never required any skill in the first place you don’t see quality mobas with such features. This change is outrageous and so is everyone that is okay with it. The “always seeking positivity in terrible changes” mentality is why the game has reached such low point, people have to call out semc for their crap

I’m not talking about helping the bad player, I’m talking about allowing his team to play.

Can we (and by “we” I mean “you”) stop with bashing people who’d rather play AoV or ML than Vainglory? Not everyone wants a hardcore, PC-quality MOBA experience while they’re on a lunch break.

Let’s stick to discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of the upcoming changes to VG, shall we?


You’re allowing his team to play by helping him

Because a game is for playing.

And it feels rewarding cause it has high skill cap

I don’t care if it feels rewarding or not if I can’t play.

how does that affect your ability to play lol

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