My Name is Broken, thanks devs

Why didnt you let me keep Nivmett, now my link to profile is broken :slight_smile:

They mad cause you stylin like nivmett but you not nivmett.

Too bad they cant see he’s your role model smh. :rage:

Well thats my fault as a moderator - not the devs - I’ll ask @hazeleyes if there is anything at the backend he can do to fix it - but if not probably the easiest fix at this stage would be to delete the account and sign up again for a new one.

And this time perhaps not try to impersonate a developer?

Just a thought.

I know rip on their part. They missing out

Wait, there are two RedKestrels? NIIIICE.

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He renamed himself to RedKestrei (capital I at the end).

While I appreciate the thought/flattery I sort of need this name for myself. XD


necrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hi niv