My iPad is dead

Okey, as the title says, my iPad is dead, so… I need help. What iPad would you recomend me to buy? Keep in mind it’s only for playing. I need suggestions because I know near 0 about this (rip). Thank you all for reading this and if you can help me… I would be grateful :slight_smile:
I hope this is in the correct category…

This one is what I recommend for most people. Well priced, excellent performance, and you can use the Pencil with it.


The ipad 2017 is a very cheap decent option.
Ipad 2018 is its big brother in the budget department.

Ipadpro wins them all but is like double the price.
I am no apple fanboy but I bought the 2017 for €289 a month ago

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If price is no object, the 10.5" iPad Pro is amazing.

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An iPad not made by Apple


What point are you trying to make?

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They throttle iPhones/iOS performance every time a new model comes out.


That is utter bullshit. Don’t spread misinformation.

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It’s not bullshit. They create updates that will up the ram cost of apps over time. The highe the ios version the higher the base ram req. It is why older devices shouldn’t update because they will get ram induced crashes. I have seen it happen with several ipads. They perform well for a very long time and then they crack like that…

They did admit that they slow the performance of Apple products with new iOS updates, they gave the excuse that they do it to prolong the battery life

Seems a bit shady that they wouldn’t let the customer know about it tho

No, actually, it IS bullshit.

How many iPads and iOS devices do you have? I currently have 11 (6 iPads and 5 iPhones) in use. Several of them are more than 4 years old and still work fine. Only one isn’t running the latest version of iOS. None have suffered from “RAM-induced crashes” – whatever those are. (Can you be more specific about what you mean by that? Do you mean single-bit errors caused by faulty RAM?)


I see that people bought into the narrative being pushed by the media a while back that Apple was intentionally slowing down devices to get people to upgrade.

It’s too exhausting to explain what Apple was doing and why they were doing it, so I’ll just leave this article from Ars here:

Please, folks, let’s move on – the OP asked about getting a new iPad, not for a discussion of old fake news. :gwenrainbowbarf:

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I mean when apps randomly shut down due to lack of ram. Random crashes that only occur in older apple devices…

What’s your oldest device?

Original iPhone from 2007, but I’m pretty sure you mean my oldest one that’s in use: that would be an iPad Air 2 from 2014. Running latest iOS release with no issues whatsoever.

I read the article very informative, but I feel like this comment still summarizes my view point

It’s like someone placed a penny on the tracks right where the train would reach full speed.

That wasn’t their motivation, it’s pretty clear from everything I’ve read from people who actually make it their business to monitor Apple. However, their penchant for secrecy combined with their hubris (“we know what’s best for our users and will decide that for them”) sets them up for looking like they’re doing stuff for less-than-honorable reasons.

They often fail to communicate clearly with their customer base, and it hurts them, as it did in this situation. At least this time, they apologized, then added the option to turn off the throttling feature for those who wanted to do so. (Me, I’d rather my phone not shut down abruptly.)

The communication issues Apple has remind me of some other company we all know well … :thinking:

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Wouldn’t a better analogy be if a penny was taped to the front of the train since it would not be able to recover the speed it originally had.

Should we split this topic? I feel like we hijacked it …

I don’t know, would that be a better analogy?

It’s like someone taped a penny to the front of a train since it would not be able to recover the speed it originally had.