My Idea for Ylva Skin

I haven’t had the chance, nor believe I’ll be able to, sketch this up.

Yates = crimsonwolf.
Opposite of Crimson, in my opinion from looking at sport teams, Cobalt blue. Similar colors include turquoise and ice.
Ylva = icewolf

A more sleek, smooth armor in a icey-blue color, but with some similarities to Yates but with a more BA feminine touch. When her A is fully charged (it charges with a blue glow) and hits a target, a visual effect similar to a large ice block encompasses the enemy hero as they’re stunned.

With her B, a trail of ice on the ground that she slides on as she dives at her target.

With her C, an icey blue mine that results in ice latching on and freezing heroes’ feet.

I just thought this would complement and also oppose Yates as aren’t they of a similar lore/background? Thoughts? Have I painted an okay picture?


I would love to see this, especially the B.


That actually makes sense for her too considering it looks like she does hunt in tundra-like regions from her splashart

If I have enough free time this weekend, perhaps I’ll whip out the ole sketch pad and pencil and see what I can come up with.

Amazing concept, I almost enjoy the lack of art as it allows the imagination to run wild!

Perhaps it could be called the “Chill Wolf”, slightly more menacing than Ice?

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Chill wolf sounds too goofy for me xd

Frost Wolf? or cerulean as the opposite of crimson


Snow Fox
Cobalt Fox

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