My Hero Ideas on how to make Kinetic and Silvernail less oppresive


These are ideas that many before me probably already had or didn’t have. These changes I proposed will in my mind make fighting these champions feel less oppressive.


Since Kinetic wields a pulse cannon, I feel this change will make more sense for her.

My ideas for how Kinetic can be reworked in order to be less OP:

  1. Tracer Shots: have each tracer shot projectile cost 35 energy each when Kinetic basic attacks. Each Tracer Shot missile after the first will deal 50% less damage.

WP Scaling reduced to 3% with an increase in the base damage from 10-15 to 10-16

  1. Inertial Dash: Upon overdrive, when firing an empowered Plasma Driver, the missile will still stun but will no longer apply a slow for 1.5 seconds. Also hitting a target with an Empowered Plasma Driver will also allow Kinetic to regain energy. The energy gain is 50% effective when hitting minions or structures.


My ideas of how Silvernail can be reworked to be less oppressive:


  1. No longer SILENCES enemies when formed into Tripwires.

  2. Cannot cast a Stake outside of the ability’s cast range when placing it within range of a preexisting Stake.

Caustic Blessing: No longer resets the cooldown of Doubleshot but instead marks enemies for the duration of the DOT which allows Silvernail to consume the mark in order to deal bonus crystal damage to them with his next basic attack.

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About kinetic @Guest_78 said some changes that I agree with, Silvernail, I don’t think he needs a nerf thoug, he is strong but not oppressive IMO, the changes you proposed would nerf way more Silvernail than Kinetic, and is Kinetic the one who needs the heaviest nerf, it Silvernail. You are just deleting the only thing that make Silvernail viable and strong, so he would become even weaker than Taka


Guest’s Changes:

My Changes to Kinetic:

Kinetic has always been so suppressive when it comes to Early, Mid, and Late game so why not switch it up.

At lvl 1, she starts off with a limit of one stack of her tracer shots and it increases to 2 at lvl 2, 3 at lvl 4, and 4 at lvl 6 (Like what we have now).

Less oppressive at early game and normal at late. Her A will remain the same since its a good poke on WP and Cp

If you nerf her Perk, its going to affect her drastically since its a core part of her kit and I saw someone talking about nerfing her A but that would limit her build design since it force her to buy SSW.


I also think her late game needs a small nerf, but to start with, I agree with this

The silence is the reason why that ability is used, that’s loke removing the barrier from Vanguard. This will just make the ability useless and kill Silvernail. He doesn’t have mobility because this ability compensates that.

Rip WP Silvernail, the only Silvernail being used right now. This is useless for CP Silvernail, he never gets into AA range.

I don’t see the rework, I only see a hero being killed harder than Taka. Those changes are like deleting the hero from the game.

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The main thing that makes kinethicc op is her dps potential if you are able to maintain your stacks. The fact that her optimal dps build consists of all attack speed items to maximize her perk is dumb. There is a consensus for the high tier players in SEA bot laners that kinetics kit is braindead and boring to play. At least compared to silvernail (since those 2 heroes are spammed by bot laners). A change should limit her dps from her perk and ideally make her kit more fun to play, so i like that new mechanic of spending energy for your perk but also regaining it from your B. Also potentially makes cp kinetic good if she does not need energy items at all (cp ratio for energy gain?) if you land all of your empowered shots.

Silvernails silence is goddamm cancerous when its played well but thats currently whats making him good other than his double double shot burst. I rather have silvernail having 3 A charges and his tripwires only snare his targets, and only silences when his targets are marked by his B.


Then he would be complete shit against mages and other carries, which leaves him vulnerable to… almost every possible hero? Except bruisers…

What are bruisers? Is it a new hero? :nerd_face:

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It’s the name of the new hat. :slight_smile: