My hero ideas during the old forums

This is the list of heroes that I’ve created in my times during the old forums. On one hand I want to immortalize them here and on the other hand I want to forget about their existence :sweat_smile:. I’ll be copying everything verbatim from the main post cause I’m lazy.

Just a heads up, I don’t really intend for my heroes to be balanced. The heroes probably won’t be so thematically innovative either. I am more interested in introducing lesser-used mechanics or unique-ish kits. The hero ideas I’ve seen usually have more or less the same abilities (if you strip away the flavor text/animation and look purely at the mechanics and coding) so I want to inspire people to create something totally different and put a spin like no one has done before on their own ideas. Take this to heart and let your creativity flow - both thematically and kit-wise.

List will be ordered by date of creation with oldest at the top.

Blanc the Contract Killer

First things first, I’m new to this hero suggestions page. I do not have any prior knowledge of any ideas posted previously nor do I know any heroes in other mobas. Any resemblance to any hero, living or dead or fictional or non-fictional (I hope not) is purely coincidental.
Blanc uses a revolver, or as some would call it, a six-shooter. I had this idea for a while and I tried to not make it similar to Ringo. If they are too similar, then you can switch the revolver with an energy rifle or some sort.


Name: Blanc (reference to point blank/blanc range)

Position: Jungle

Difficulty: High

Role: Sniper/Assassin

Weapon: revolver/six-shooter

Heroic perk: Six-Shooter
Blanc holds six bullets as auto attacks. His attack speed is faster than most heroes. However, after unloading his bullets, he has to take an extended reload time. He will NOT reload if idle (for you kestrel comparers). Both extended reload and time between shots can be decreased with attack speed like normal heroes.
Attack speed: 1 sec between shots (as a comparison, most heroes have a 1.3 sec wait time)
Extended reload time: 3.3 sec (Ik it seems long, but average shot/min is the same as the other heroes if you do the math)
Instead of energy, the bar is divided into 6 and the number of bullets is shown there by highlighting the corresponding # of sections with red.

A: Emergency Reload
Blanc instantly reloads his revolver. If there are infused bullets remaining, he will not replace them and the infused bullets take priority. Due to this emergency reload, Blanc’s next extended reload with take even longer. The extremely extended reload cannot be reduced with attack speed.
Extremely extended reload: 4 sec (for simplicity)
Cooldown: 20,20,20,20,19 (it’s very long because I didn’t want this skill to be used after every extremely extended reload)

B: Halycon Ammo
Blanc infuses the bullets he currently has in his revolver with Halcyon energy, allowing it to deal more damage (similar to adagio and koshka’s buff). The amount will be displayed on the energy bar as blue.
Buff: 15,20,25,30,40+ 20% CP per infused bullet
Cooldown: 15,15,15,15,14 (this will allow every other magazine to be infused)

Ult: Unstable Energy
Blanc dangerously infuses 6 bullets he currently has far above normal levels. If there are already infused bullets (from B ability), then they are put into the next magazine. After tapping a location, Blanc fires these shots one after another in rapid succession at that location. These shots deal aoe damage and slows enemies who are hit by them. After all rounds have been fired, the ground temporarily radiates with Halcyon energy, burning enemies who are in it. Blanc undergoes an extremely extended reload after all shots have been fired (4sec).
Damage: 50,60,70 + 30% CP per shot (if done with 6 shots, the total damage is 300,360,420 + 180% CP)
Burn: 10 + 10% CP per sec
Burn duration: 3sec
Cooldown: 90,80,70

A popular combo would be B -> aa x6 -> A -> C -> B -> …

Since infused bullets can deal heavy amounts of damage, I had to give it a long cooldown. The downside is that farming speed is very slow.
I intended this to be a crystal assassin, which is why it has a much faster attack speed, but a long reload afterwards. It is intended to deal a burst of damage and then retreat. This is scary, however, because the attack speed will be great for wp, which I don’t want.

Number balancing this is very hard. I’d have to take in account all three different types of reloads as well as the number of bullets of each type. Of course, having no experience on things like this, these numbers are very bad. Please help improve.

Comment, improve, and change please. Also notify me if this idea is similar to others.


Shock the Lightning Caster

The unique idea I planned for Shock is a Mage with directional skillshots. But not any oridinary ones. Instead of going from the hero out, I made the projectile travel the opposite direction. Out to in. To couple this interesting concept, I also added a way to increase ability range other than leveling up.

Name: Shock (Male) (ik this is an overused name, but I got nothing else)

Difficulty: Medium

Position: Lane

Role: Mage

Weapon: lighting bolts (Ranged)

Heroic Perk: Ionic Field
Each of Shock’s basic attacks deal 50-100 + 90% CP to the target. Every time he lands a basic attack, he gains a stack of “Electromagnetism” which increases the range of his skills by 0.5 meters and increases the speed of Ball Lightning by 0.5 meters/sec. Lasts for 5 seconds and timer is reset when Shock deals any damage. 4 stacks max.

A: Ball Lightning
Shock forms a ball of electricity at his max range and when it finishes forming, it flies toward Shock’s position at the time of when it finishes forming. Disappears on first enemy hit and passes through minions. If Shock is within 3 meters of when the Ball Lightning reaches the end without disappearing, then you can re-tap the ability to re-shoot it from his location to the end of the range (like skaarf’s spitfire or any other directional projectile). The second shot does not consume energy.
Cooldown: 5 / 4.5 / 4 / 3.5 / 3
Damage: 30/60/90/120/150 + 100% CP
Travel Speed: 9/9/9/9/10 m/sec
Range: 6/6/6/6/6

B: Arc Lightning
A chosen direction will be filled with pulsing electricity, dealing damage and pushing enemies away as long as they are in the beam.
Pushback: 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 / 2 m/sec
Cooldown: 8/8/8/8/8
Damage: 40/60/80/100/120 + 60% CP
Range: 7/7/7/7/7

Ult: Discharge
Shock discharges 3 rings of electricity in all directions (one at max range, then one at 66% range, then one at 33% range) damaging and silencing enemies who are touched by it.
Silence Duration: 2/2/2
Cooldown: 80/60/40
Damage: 400/600/800 + 150% CP per ring
Range: 7/7/7

My inspiration for this was, initially, how could I create something unique and rarely heard of or used. I began thinking of ways of alter the things we currently have. For this idea, I ended up with an inverted directional skillshot. Knowing that this would be detrimental to the hero if the enemies were close to him, I allowed the skillshot to be able to move faster as well as add a pushback. At first, I wanted to do an inverted pulse-like Ult as well, with the ring staring from the outside and shrinking, but then that would be (almost) impossible to avoid for those trapped in it. So I chopped up the rings and tada.

Dimetiri the Sorceress of Space and Time

Dimetiri is able to reactivate allied projectile skillshots as well as create a zone that allows projectiles to move out, but not in. However, projectiles outside could still hit outside enemies even if their path is blocked by the zone. Better understood if you read the description.

Name: Dimetiri (Female)

Difficulty: Medium

Position: Roam

Role: Protector (to be consist with what the current roamers are, but she’s a back line support)

Weapon: Staff (projectiles: mini black holes) (ranged)

Heroic Perk: Spacial and Temporal Rifts
Auto attacks warp space around the area where it hits the target, allowing a radius of 0.5 meters to be visible to all allied heroes.

A: Warped Space
Dimetiri warps a space around a targeted area, damaging and slowing enemies who are in it. Allies who are in the area gain damage reduction. Overdrive: Allies gain a speed boost.
Slow: 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% / 60%
Speed boost: 0/0/0/0/1
Cooldown: 10/10/10/10/8
Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 + 90% CP
Range: 5 meters
Radius: 2.5 meters
Duration: 5 sec

B: Warped Time
Dimetiri warps time around her, causing time to flux. After 2 seconds, the area stabilizes and all allied skillshots that originate from in the warped zone are reactivated, dealing 40% damage and 20% cc duration, but displacement/dash components do not work. Cooldowns and energy costs are not affected. (i.e. If skaarf uses his Spitfire, then after the area stabilizes another spitfire projectile will come appear from the same spot it was first shot. Skillshots like Alpha’s Prime Directive will deal damage and remove the harmful effects if enemies are caught by it, but Alpha does not dash to enemy location.)
Radius: 3 meters
Cooldown: 18/18/18/18/16

Ult: Pocket Universe
Dimetiri pulls apart the natural flow of time and space around her, creating a pocket universe. Heroes and creatures can walk in and out freely, but projectiles/skillshots work differently. Projectiles/skillshots can be travel from in the zone to out, but when projectiles/skillshots are used from outside, they will pass through the zone just like heroes and creatures in the zone were not there. (I.e. Using an aa/skillshot on someone in the zone while outside the zone will not reach the target. Using an ability/aa on someone outside the zone while outside as well will cause the projectile to cross through the zone but not hit any targets in the zone. Joules BRB when used outside will not damage anyone inside, but if there is a target outside on the other side of the zone, he will be hit like normal. Ringo’s Hellfire Brew will pass through the zone and damage the target as long as the target is outside.)
Cooldown: 140/120/100
Radius: 7 meters
Duration: 6 sec

My inspiration for this was improving the qualities of zoned areas such as Ardan’s Gauntlet or Lyra’s Bright Bulwark. I thought of making the walls block projectiles, but I’m sure that that has been done already. I changed the idea to projectiles going in, but not out, but I felt like it was also used commonly already (remember, I have no sources to back me up). So I decided to make the zone like a floating piece of land. Projectiles can shoot down from the island, but the grounded ones can’t shoot up, although since the island is floating, there would be a gap from the ground to the bottom of the island that could still be used to fight/shoot into. I changed the island into a pocket dimension, which created the theme of manipulating time and space. When thinking of Warped Time, I tried to see what you could do if you could pull things from the past into the present. Of course, having two heroes is a no-no and dashes/displacement could be gamed by porting to base, buying items, then dashing/flying back to the fight.
Sorry if this kit is a big wall of text. I added examples cause even I felt like I was confused with the concept.

Cestus the Brawler

This hero is able to combo his abilities together in order to achieve more effects and damage. This may not be a purely original concept, but I wanted to create a melee warrior.

Name: Cestus (Male) (if you look it up, it’s a type of ancient boxing glove, but ignore it. I just needed a name)

Difficulty: Medium

Position: Jungle

Role: Warrior

Weapon: Fists and Feet (melee)

Heroic Perk: Battle Born
Cestus attacks slower that most heroes, but gains stacks of “Resistance” which raises his armor and shield count. 4 stacks max.
Attack Speed: 1.6 seconds between hits
Armor/Shield Gain: 5-11 per stack

A: Disarm
Cestus lunges to his target and disarms the opponent of his weapon as well as create an opening to attack. The target is marked with “Vulnerability”. Enemies marked with Vulnerability are inflicted with armor and shield shred and deal less damage. Vulnerability lasts for 2 seconds.
Armor/shield shred: 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 15%
Damage Debuff: 90% / 90% / 90% 90% / 90% (this is how much damage it is reduced to, not how much it is reduced by)
Cooldown: 5/5/5/5/5
Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 + 60% CP

B: Twin Strike
Cestus makes two quick jabs at the same location of a target, intensifying the pain of the bruise from the first strike. If the target is marked with Vulnerability, then Cestus strikes an unprotected area, dealing more damage and inflicting the target with bleed for 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 8/8/8/8/8
Damage: 100/120/140/160/200 + 70% CP + 50% WP (total damage, not per jab)
Damage with Vulnerability: 120/150/180/210/240 + 90% CP + 70% WP
Bleed: 10/20/30/40/50 + 5% CP + 5% WP per second

Ult: Skull Clash
Cestus does a front flip and dashes to a target and slams his heels against the target’s head (or whatever upper extremity exists), causing collateral damage. If the target is marked with Vulnerability, then Cestus shatters the target’s skull, dealing more damage and inflicting a stun.
Cooldown: 60,45,30
Damage: 300/400/500 + 90% CP + 80% WP
Damage with Vulnerability: 400/550/700 + 110% CP + 100% WP
Stun Duration: 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5

My inspiration for Cestus is combo-ing. While each ability does damage on its own, combo-ing his A with others allowed them to gain more effects and deal more damage.

Chobham the Armored Shield

Who doesn’t love mechs. So I decided I’ll try to put a small spin to it by allowing the hero to jump out of her suit and retract back into it. Her kit has its advantages and its drawbacks, but since it’s a roamer, it should have be able to survive long enough to turn the tides.

Name: Chobham (Female)

Difficulty: Medium

Position: Roam

Role: Protector

Weapon: Armored Exosuit (exosuit’s punches) (melee)

Heroic Perk: Impenetrable Armor
Chobham’s exosuit provides defense amplification to her back and sides. (Yes, that right. Back.)
Defense Amplification: 110% of current amount (includes health, armor, and shield)

A: Hull Down Position
Chobham pins her exosuit down in a certain direction and hides behind it, dealing damage to nearby targets and increasing her defense amplification in that direction and its sides, but Impenetrable Armor’s effects is not active. Allies who are 2 meter max to the side or 4 meters max to the back are given the same defense amplification. She can cancel her ability at any time or automatically after 4 seconds.
Defense Amplification: 120% of current amount
Cooldown: 9/9/9/9/8
Damage: 100/125/150/175/200 + 100% CP

B: Hit and Run
Chobham detaches from her exosuit and lunges to a target with a knife at a max of 5 times. She can move freely with a speed boost, but her defenses are weaker. Her knife attacks deal missing health damage and well as root the enemy. After 3 seconds or upon reactivating the ability, Chobham is pulled back to her exosuit using a retractable cord connecting her to her exosuit. While she is out of her exosuit, her exosuit can still be used to bodyblock without hurting Chobham.
Defense Debuff: 80% of current amount
Cooldown: 7/7/7/7/6
Damage: 200/220/240/260/280 + 50% CP per attack
Missing health damage: 10% per attack
Root duration: 1/1/1/1/1

Ult: Advantage Point
Chobham’s exosuit jumps to a location, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. The exosuit changes to surround Chobham, giving her defense amplification at the cost of immobility. Nearby allies also get fortified health as well as a speed boost and defense amplification that both grow weaker the farther away from Chobham.

I began thinking of something to do with mechs. For some reason, I thought about risk-reward abilities, which led me to the idea that why should a user be trapped within his/her own mech? Maybe the user could jump out, dealing more damage in exchange for weaker survivability. I also took ideas from joule’s perk, trying to flip it around similar to how I did Shock (another hero idea). After a while thinking, I felt that the mech should perform more as a movable defensive structure rather than a front-liner. So I integrated the perk and allowed it to spread its influence onto nearby enemies with her A and allowed her to become a temporary fortress.

Apparere the Adaptive Assassin

Apparere is an assassin who uses blades that can change shape and size, allowing her to strike from afar, deal collateral damage, and “adsorb” power from other weapons. She also is able to attach to allies in order to gain effects.

Name: Apparere (Don’t judge my names ;-;. They’re just words ;-;-;-;-;-; (Female)

Difficulty: Medium (but requires a lot of coordination on her A)

Position: Jungle

Role: Assassin

Weapon: Shapeshifting Knives (the blades can change shape, extend, etc.) (melee)

Heroic Perk: Jack of all Trades
When out of combat, Apparere’s knives turn into boots, which increases her movement speed. When Apparere does not deal direct damage against enemies for 3 seconds, her knives form a protective barrier around her that disappears when she attacks again. When standing still in a bush for 3 seconds, she turns her knives into a spike trap, which roots the enemy on her next auto.
Movement Speed Increase: 1 sec
Barrier: 10-32 (+2 per level)
Root duration: 1 sec

A: What’s Yours is Mine
Apparere cloaks herself behind an allied hero, turning invisible and following wherever the other hero goes. When she is cloaked, she will share a portion of her armor/shield with her linked ally and incoming damage is split evenly between the two heroes. (damage reduction is calculated using the linked hero’s armor/shield). Additionally, her knives conform to the linked hero’s weapon, allowing her to auto-attack like normal and have ratios based off of the linked hero’s CP and WP. She will unlink herself with the ally by reactivating the skill again or automatically after 5 seconds.
Armor/Shield Shared with Linked hero: 10%
Cooldown: 12/12/12/12/10
Damage Amplification: 20% linked hero’s CP + 10% linked hero’s WP

B: Scorpion’s Strike
Apparere’s knives will extend to the shape created by dragging your finger from her to to any shape you want. They stay on the field for 1 second before disappearing. Any enemy that touches this blade will be damaged. The max length of the blade is determined by the level of the ability. If Apparere is clocked, then the blade is harder to see.
Max Length of Blade: 3/4/5/6/8 meters
Cooldown: 7/7/7/7/7
Damage: 100/140/180/220/260 + 110% CP + 80% WP

Ult: The Bloodier, The Better
Apparere dashes to a hero, piercing her knives into the target’s chest. Afterwards, her knives expand, widening the gash, inflicting mortal wound. If she was hidden prior to the ability activation, her dash is invisible.
Cooldown: 10/10/10/10/10
Damage: 200/300/400 + 150% CP + 100% WP

When I looked over my ideas, I saw that I didn’t have an assassin hero. I also drew a little inspiration from World Trigger’s Scorpion Trigger (which can change shape. Or maybe I’m confusing it with another one…) and combined the ideas. I tried thinking of ways on how a non-rigid weapon could work. I ended up with the idea that the weapon could conform to the shape of other weapons, such as an ally’s, which was the basis for her A. Her B was inspired mainly by the uses the characters in WT used their weapon (extension and curving of the blade). Her C was an idea that I integrated from a thought I had about an idea of bullets that had a chamber of gunpowder that would explode (causing the layers of the bullet to shatter like a frag) when the bullet was lodged in something, like flesh.

Musket the Long-Ranged Sniper

Thread #3 on hero ideas, yay! On this hero, please read every component of each description since there are some subtle, yet important aspects such as having a minimum range and flexible maximum range or cooldowns being reduced by amount of CP

Name: Musket

Position: Lane

Difficulty: Medium

Role: Sniper

Weapon: Energy Sniper Rifle

Heroic Perk:
Musket uses a highly charged energy sniper rifle which allows her to shoot much farther and deal more damage than most other heroes. However, due to the clunkiness of the weapon, she has a minimum range and fires slowly. The maximum range can also be increased through weapon power. Bullets also have a crystal component. The user and allies can see her firing range, but if the enemy has vision on her for over 1 sec, they can see her firing range until she dips out of their vision.
Range: 5 to (10 + 1% WP)
Damage: 120% of wp component + 70% CP
Attack speed: 1.8 sec between shots

A: Precise Fire
Musket becomes invisible and points her rifle in a targeted direction. Any enemy hero that walks into the hitbox is fired upon and will be fired upon again after 1 sec. This hitbox is also invisible whenever Musket is invisible. However, if Musket shoots twice or more, the hitbox will become visible and if she is within normal vision range, she will become visible too. The damage dealt by this ability is reduced by how many terrain walls it takes to reach the enemy. Can be canceled be retapping the ability.
Damage: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 + 30% WP + 90% CP
Range: 20
Duration: 9, 9, 9, 9, 11
Damage reduction per wall: reduced to 85% of previous value
Cooldown: 9, 9, 9, 9, 9 - 1% CP

B: Decoy
Musket sets a decoy at her position and gains movement speed. Her decoy has the same firing range as Musket and can fire at enemy heroes. but it doesn’t not have the damage amplification and cannot trigger basic-attack effects.
Duration: 10 seconds + 1% WP
Decoy health: 200, 350, 500, 650, 800
Speed boost: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.5 + 0.7% CP
Cooldown: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Ult: Piercing Salvo
Musket unleashes an overcharged shot, breaking the terrain and pushing back and damaging all enemies within the zone. Enemies in the broken terrain is slowed. This shot has armor and shield pierce depending on the level.
Damage: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 + 50% WP + 110% CP
Range: 10 + 1% WP
Slow: 40%
Pierce: 5%, 10%, 15%
Cooldown: 100, 90, 80 - 5% CP

Alright, this may not be one of the more original ideas. For this hero, I wanted to create a sniper hero, not just someone who can shoot a gun or projectile. This idea brought me to think of sniper stereotypes and facts: bad firing at close range, slow reload, high damage, high range, and able to siege an area just by pointing a gun down a corridor or open area (which is the basis for her A). I felt that her A might’ve been too strong because of its range, so I added in terrain interaction and self-reveal after a few shots. Her Ult seemed like an interesting idea until I started comparing it to other similar to it. RIP. However, it’s range also is the same as her auto-attack range, excluding the minimum range, and cooldown decreasing with CP may have some uniqueness to it.
She is capable of splitting into two different playstyles, with weapon being based on autos and decoy’s autos and crystal being based on her A and and Ult with autos in between.

Wow, this hero was packed. I just didn’t want to throw away any ideas cause I’ll never use it again. Also, I am aware that her name does not fit sniping. I just couldn’t find a suitable name that related to her design.

Comments or suggestions? Place them below

Quark the Particle Physicist

Yay, new hero idea that no one will ever see and will be sent into the depths of hero feedback and suggestions for all eternity!

The special trait that this hero has is the unique power to automatically choose between two options for each ability that benefit the user more. Either X or Y depending on which benefits the user more. It also has two options that the user can pick from.

Please comment down below and rate if you like it, and give me some contructive feedback.

Name: Quark

Position: Lane

Difficulty: Medium

Role: Sniper / Mage

Weapon: Miniature Particle Accelerator

Heroic Perk: Uncertainty Principle
Quark’s basic attacks deal 50-98 (+70% crystal ratio). Also, basic attacks have either a 110% damage amplification or 5% armor and shield pierce depending on which deals more damage.

A: The Four Forces
Quark shoots a particle at a location and lingers for a short while, generating a warped electromagnetic field, dealing damage upon impact and damage over time. If Quark shoots another particle at the same location, then the two collide, creating a gravity well and generating weak and strong forces at a colossal scale that deal a burst of damage. Enemies near the epicenter are dealt a different damage than those near the edge. Additionally, enemies traveling away from the epicenter are either slowed or have move speed subtracted from their current speed depending on which slows more.
Cooldown: 4/4/4/4/3
Damage: 90/130/170/210/250 + 60% WP + 100% CP
DoT Damage: 30/60/90/120/150 + 20% CP
Nearby Damage: 120/165/210/255/300 + 80% WP + 180% CP
Edge Damage: 100/140/180/220/260 + 70% WP + 150% CP
Range: 8/8/8/8/8
Slow: 20%
Speed Subtract: 0.4

B: Quantum Leap
Quark pulls an enemy hero closer if you tap it or Quark dashes in a direction if you tap elsewhere. Either your next basic attack or next The Four Forces (all portions will be amplified, even if Quantum Leap amplifies the first particle. Amplified ability will be indicated by a color change) will be dealt more damage depending on which deals more total damage before armor/shield. If the enemy is pulled to your location, then the enemy is rooted and you gain a portion of the enemy’s current movement speed (including boot actives and ability move speed buffs, but also debuffs excluding TFF).
Cooldown: 9/9/9/9/9
Pull Distance: 2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5
Dash Distance: 4/4/4/4/4
Root Duration: 0.3/0.3/0.3/0.3/0.5
Movement Speed Steal: 20%
Amplified Basic Attack: 70%
Amplified TFF Damage: 20%

Ult: Chain Reaction
Quark channels for a while then sets off a chain reaction of exploding particles in a radius around him. The damage is either a strong targeted burst at each enemy within the radius or a weaker aoe burst at each enemy (much weaker aoe burst for non-heroes) within the radius depending on which deals more overall damage among heroes. If you wish to choose a specific type, then for the remaining duration of the channeling, hold down the A ability slot for the targeted burst or hold down the B ability for the aoe burst. If you let go before the channel ends, then your choice is deleted and it goes back to depending on which deals more overall damage among heroes.
Cooldown: 100/75/50
Targeted Damage: 600/900/1200 + 100% WP + 150% CP
AoE Damage: 275/575/875 + 50% WP + 75% CP
AoE Damage from Non-Heroes: 100/175/250 + 10% WP + 15% CP

Initially, I planned this hero to be a strategist/mathematician-styled hero due to the surplus amount of either/or abilities. However, it was hard for me to think of an ability set since they aren’t specialized in anything (unlike how reim is ice, celeste is the stars, vox is sound, or skaarf is fire), so I had to diverge a bit from that path. I ended up with a particle physicist and built my kit from there. I know that the abilities do not resemble how they work in real life, but I had to think of something :p. I started with either/or abilities, but then I felt that the user should be able to choose as well, so I made A similar to Celeste’s (giving them an option to stack the same ability for different effects), B the power to dash or pull, and Ult the power to choose the damage type at will.

continued on next reply because I hit the 32000 character limit :joy:

Fury, the Experimental Tank

This hero aims to explore different types of range arcs and range shapes. It is unique in being able to rotate a turret, utilize broadside weapons that alter arcs based on ratios as well as increasing damage for overlapping arcs, and have AoE originating from enemies caught within a hitbox. It seems packed, so you could just read the description if the numbers (which are horribly balanced) are too much.

Name: Fury (Genderless, crew consists of both genders) (totally not a reference to Fury which I haven’t finished watching yet cause I came in during the middle when it was on tv)

Difficulty: Hard

Position: Lane

Role: Sniper

Weapon: Rifle (range: 5)

Move-speed: 3.3

Uses Energy

Heroic Perk: Mounted Turret
Fury is equipped with a mounted turret with a small firing arc that is able to rotate. You can rotate the turret by targeting an enemy or by rotating Fury itself. When an enemy stays within the turret’s firing arc for 0.7 sec, a powerful round is fired at the target. However, due to this extra mass, Fury turns slowly. Fury can strafe when moving while turning, but the move-speed is reduced due to the extra mass.
Damage: 50-98 wp+ 110% wp + 70% cp
Cooldown: 2 sec (reduced by attack speed)
Firing arc: 30°
Turret range: 7
Turret angular speed: 90° per sec
Fury angular speed: 60° per sec
Move-speed penalty: -0.2

A: Overclock
Passive: allows mounted turret and fury to rotate faster.
Active: the crew temporarily overclocks themselves, reducing mounted turret’s cooldown, increasing turret and Fury angular speed, and decreasing move-speed penalty. Also, the mounted turret instantly points to a targeted direction and fires a round if any enemies are within range. If no enemies are within range, there is no energy consumed.
Cooldown: 6/6/6/6/5
Passive boost for both: 2°/2°/2°/2°/2°
Active Duration: 3/3/3/3/3 sec
Active Cooldown reduction: 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 sec
Active move-speed penalty decrease: 0.1/0.1/0.1/0.1/0.1 sec
Active rotation boost for both: 2°/3°/4°/5°/6°

B: Broadside assault
Hatches from the sides of Fury open and the crew, although with mounted arsenal, fire in two cones, one for each side. Due to risk of self-damage, there is a minimum range, but crystal can reduce it without drawbacks. Crystal also increases maximum range (9 max). Weapon increases firing arc (100° max) and deals extra damage on enemies that are within both the mounted turret’s firing arc and broadside’s firing arc simultaneously.
Cooldown: 10/10/10/10/9
Damage: 150/180/210/240/270 + 50% wp + 120% cp
Extra damage for overlapped arcs: 0 + 50% wp
Firing arc per cone: 80° + 2% wp
Minimum range: 2 - 1% cp
Maximum range: 6 + 1% cp

Ult: Halcyon Round
The turret points in a targeted direction and Fury’s crew loads a halcyon-infused round into the turret which fires immediately an pierces through every enemy along its path. Whenever it strikes an enemy, the round sends shrapnel from the enemy’s location, dealing AoE to other enemies nearby (reduced AoE from non-heroes).
Cooldown: 60/50/40
Impact damage: 300/400/500 + 60% wp + 140% cp
AoE from enemy heroes: 100/200/300 + 20% wp + 25% cp
AoE from non-heroes: 50/75/100 + 5% wp + 10% cp

My inspiration started when I played a game called Vega Conflict, which had spaceships that were divided into types based on firing arcs. I wondered if I could translate into this game as well. Although Vega had fixed firing arcs, I felt that vg needed more complexity so I added ratios to improve the specs on B. The hero’s B was inspired by the battleship type with two firing arcs on both sides but a blind spot in front and back. I wanted crystal to be able to defend against dives so it could play from the backlines, but weapon to defend against front and back blindspots so it could be more aggressive. The mounted turret was inspired by the destroyer type with a thin firing arc and slow turning speed but much longer range. A emerged in order to fix the (unnecessary) restrictions I put into the perk. I wanted to explore firing arcs further so I allowed B to deal more damage when the enemy was simultaneously in firing arcs of turret and B upon activation. Ult was partially copied from my previous hero since it followed the theme of an interesting range arc (I also hoped to act as it’s redemption since the previous idea was bashed by philosophy and PvE for being absurd.

Crystalline the Halcyon Scientist (my attempt at a hybrid hero)

///////// For this hero, it is important to look at the stats, not just the ability descriptions. I’m doing some interesting stuff on ratios. I’ll try to remind you in the descriptions though and I’ll give an explanation afterwards about the concept /////////

Name: Crystalline
Difficulty: Medium
Position: Lane
Role: Hybrid (ye, I’m attempting to create a hybrid hero)
Weapon: Halcyon Shards (being fired similar to how objects suddenly move with a high velocity)

Offense: 10/10
Defense: 3/10
Team utility: 0/10
Mobility: 7/10

Heroic Perk: Impact
If you have 1 t3 damage item and 1 t2+ damage item of the other damage type (t3 wp and t2+ cp; t2+ wp and t3 cp), then Crystalline unlocks Impact. When Crystalline attacks an enemy, the target’s defenses are treated as follows:

  • target’s armor count is subtracted from 5% of its shield count
  • target’s shield count is subtracted from 5% of its armor count
    (This defense change only applies to Crystalline’s attacks)
    Also, Ult adds stacks of A upon use. A stack is consumed upon auto attacking and deals 50% of A’s damage. Number of stacks depends on Ult’s level.

A: E=mc^2
Crystalline crushes a halcyon shard, releasing a burst of energy and shard fragments in a selected direction. It disappears upon hitting a hero, structure, or jungle boss. The wp ratio is increased by a portion of cp and the cp ratio is increased by a portion of wp.
Damage: 60/120/180/240/300 cp + (80 + 5% cp)% wp + (80 + 5% wp)% cp
Cooldown: 4/4/4/4/4
Range: 6

B: Augmentation
Crystalline consumes a halcyon shard, gaining a burst of movement speed and temporarily unlocking his heroic perk if you have a t1+ wp item and a t1+ cp item. Movement speed is increased by both wp and cp.
Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6
Speed boost: 0.2 + 0.5% wp + 0.5% cp (no ratio increasing ratios here, just normal stuff)
Duration: 2/2/2/2/2

Ult: Overload
Crystalline throws down a handful of halcyon shards onto the ground, creating a cloud trap that detonates when auto attacked or hit by A. If detonated by A or an A stack, the damage is increased. When the perk is unlocked, the energy released is harnessed into other halcyon shards.
Damage (detonated by auto attack): 50/75/100 base wp + 50/75/100 base cp + (90 + 5% cp)% wp + (90 + 5% wp)% cp
Damage (detonated by A or stack): 100/125/150 base wp + 100/125/150 base cp + (100 + 5% cp)% wp + (100 + 5% wp)% cp
Cooldown: 8/8/8

of stacks given when used: 4/5/6

Explanation of ratios amplified by ratios

Let’s take A’s damage for example:
60/120/180/240/300 cp + (80 + 5% cp)% wp + (80 + 5% wp)% cp

If you split it up:

Base cp: 60/120/180/240/300
Wp ratio: (80 + 5% cp)%
Cp ratio: (80 + 5% wp)%

Let’s use an example to illustrate how it works, starting with wp ratio.

Say we have 150 wp and 150 cp and the ability is lv.5.
To figure out the wp ratio, we first find that 5% cp listed. 1500.05 = 7.5
We add that to the other number, 80. 80+7.5 = 87.5
Our final wp ratio is 87.5% wp. If you plug in our raw 150 wp, then it’s 150
0.875 = 131.25 wp damage.

Finding the cp ratio is the same idea.
Find 5% wp. 1500.05 = 7.5
Add to 80. 80+7.5 = 87.5
Plug in raw 150 cp. 150
0.875 = 131.25 cp damage

Add everything up together:
Total wp damage: 131.25 wp
Total cp damage: 431.25 cp

The development behind the hero is interesting and detailed and if you have a lot of time, I suggest reading through it.

Development of idea and theory behind concept

Note: please note that the stats are not intended to be the final product. I am very bad at balancing so it’s just filler in a way.

This convoluted idea of a hero began as I wanted to attempt to create a hybrid hero. I theorized a couple of concepts, such as averaging enemy armor and shield stats when doing calculations, creating a new damage type which combined the wp with cp and enemy armor with shield, making all cp damage turn into wp damage, or making the damage type switch places (all outgoing wp damage turns into cp and all cp turn into wp). None of the ideas really worked imo since it gave no incentive to choose both damage types instead of specializing with one.

I instead took pieces of the ideas and formed what I have right now. The concept is quite confusing for non-mathy people, but by strengthening the damage ratios of both simultaneously, I felt it would work. Ratios are multipliers, so (I think) a high ratio with less wp/cp from items is much stronger than a low ratio with more wp/cp from items.

I also tried to force hybrid onto the users since I saw that more freedom to choose between full wp, full cp, or hybrid would never result in hybrid. This, I theorized it was partially due to the divergent paths (amazing pun not intended) that came from a hero’s kit.
Kestrel, for example, is an example of this. A wp path promoted high single target sustain-oriented play style due to glimmershot impact having pierce, high reposition speed boost, and being able to use auto attacks. A cp path promoted high burst assassin-oriented play style due to the long stealth times, extremely long range, combo with mist trap, and inability to stealth when attacked.
For baron: wp path promoted an aggressive play style with B’s double attack, A’s massive slow, and high auto attack range. Cp path promoted a back line semi carry support play style with long range-high damaging-area denial A, safety net escape with B, and high aid damage with Ult.
I could list other heroes too, but the overall idea is that the play styles don’t mix well and it becomes being good at nothing since you’re fighting against yourself to deal the max damage.

So how do I try to merge both play styles? Or more specifically, how do I make the hybrid play style the optimal one? Instead of fighting over whether to use your A or to auto attack, I followed the idea of adagio and gave auto attacks # of consumable stacks. From this, I can build a wp ranged kit so that the play style mimics that of a wp ranged hero. Most wp ranged heroes have a form of reposition/speed boost and some form or poke/cc so I took one of each category.

I also forced using hybrid since the perk only unlocks through hybrid builds.

How did I make hybrid’s damage exceed that of a normal hero? As said above, I strengthened ratios, but I also took a piece of my old concepts. Averaging enemy armor and shield actually decreased incoming overall damage so it was a flop (interesting idea for a tank tho :think: ) but I kept the idea of the two types of defense affecting each other in the form of a perk.

(Rip order of ideas. I didn’t want to rewrite everything) When I asked around on why hybrid heroes never worked, I got three main reasons: 1) it was too expensive that it ramped irregularly and put you behind on defense 2) the play styles contradict each other and 3) overall damage was less (due to previous reasons and bit more)

I addressed #2 through my kit and #3 by making it op-ish on paper by weakening enemy defense and strengthening own damage output. #1 was a very difficult thing to tackle since ratios meant you would be strong late game, not early-mid game. The need for damage items put hybrids back in terms of defense in order to be able to deal the same amount of damage. I tried to solve this through the perk. Decreasing enemy defense allowed users to have enough damage so that they could get defense. Making the perk requirements item quantity based rather than stat based (perk requirement was necessary so wp or cp heroes wouldn’t abuse it) further allowed the perk to be used without having to rush damage items. I gave B a temporary unlock of perk so that early-mid game was smoother and allowed users to build defense even more.

And now the hardest part that I always hate: the hero/ability names and character design. I needed a weapon that had both physical and “magical” properties that could also be used independently since I wanted to highlight using a hybrid build. I was suggested a whip twice, but I didn’t feel like it would fit with my idea of making A a burst of magical/halcyon energy without my medium. After a while of trying to find ranged weapons with physical projectiles, I did a 180° turn and tried to find a purely magical weapon. I ended up using shards of packed halcyon energy. It could be launched like a projectile and it could be released as its more pure energy form.

I wanted a name that reflected the hero’s use of halcyon shards. Being the unoriginal and uncreative person I am, I ended up with crystalline since crystals were… crystalline. I hate myself. For the names, I wanted to use the pieces of E = mc^2 as the ability names (A-Mass, B-speed of light, Ult-energy) but that was a horrible idea. Instead I made it my A ability. I’m so bad at names please end me.