My friend's hero rework I just cut directly from Messenger

• Baron:

Increases his Rocket Launcher ratio from 130% to 135%. More damage to compensate for low attack speed.

Increases Porcupine Mortar weapon ratio for damage from 70% to 85% and slow from 10% (+10% Weapon Ratio) to 15% (+15% Weapon Ratio) with slow cap from 30% to 40% but decrease crystal ratio for damage from 170% to 150%. The impact time of the shells decreases with weapon power at the cap of 0.25s with 250 weapon power and the impact radius increases with crystal power at the cap of 150% the original with 250 crystal power.

Increases Ion Cannon crystal ratio from 225% to 300%. The 3s impact delay decreases with weapon power at the cap of 1s with 300 weapon power. Baron’s orbital strike now truly obliberates the area now, also, weapon power cause the projectile to happen earlier, thus, making WP’s easier to hit its targets.

Just increases Baron’s overall damage and cc for better teamfight capability. The extra damage on his primary attack allows him to catch up with other wpc easier as he is more of a heavy hitter than a fast attacker, also, so is the damage increment to Porcupine Mortar and Ion Cannon, it gives Baron’s artillery (especially WP) more impact along with the additional slows to help with his already low movement speed.
• Fortress:

Packmates bonus is also granted when Fortress stays near his wolf.

Attack of the Pack reset Packmates timer upon cast. Each rank of Attack of the Pack passively increases Packmates bonus speed.

• Grace:

Divine Intervention cooldown from 70/60/50 to 60/45/30. Healing strength down from 500/650/800 (+200% Crystal Ratio) to 250/425/600 (+115% Crystal Ratio) but now gains a 35% bonus health ratio. An inappropriated upgrade for WP Grace would be to change the channel time from 1.8s to 1.9s (-0.65% Weapon Ratio) :stuck_out_tongue:

• Glaive:

Give his Afterburn an Overdrive. The replaced attack can now crit and if so, also pushes all enemies inside the cleave radius back. Just a thought that could chain up as a disruptive combo for Glaive.

Also give Glaive’s Twisted Stroke an Overdrive that makes his cleave deals damage to all enemies 4 meters around him instead of just a cone. His cleave animation looks areal though, the first time I saw Glaive, I really thought that he cleave all around him instead of just a cone :stuck_out_tongue:

Bloodsong base damage crystal ratio from 110% to 150% and damage/stack ratio from 2% to 5%. At max stack, Bloodsong also applies Mortal Wound to all affected enemies for 0.7s (+0.4% Weapon Ratio). Glaive is the hero with the weakest powerspike upon reaching level 6. This change will only increases his power by a small bit but he will need more consideration about how to use Bloodsong effectively.

• Kestrel:

Base movespeed reduced from 3.1 to 3.0

For every Adrenaline stack, also grants Kestrel 0.2 movespeed. Plain, simple and accurate to what Kestrel really needs - mobility to survive and kite. This will make her more true to the hit’n’run playstyle and more mobility to either run or chase. Pretty much more viable.


Upgrading bloodsong with a mortal wound is actually an okay idea.

Baron changes are over the top all of them but especially the faster cast nuke which will enable Baron to stack BP very easily by nuking+mortar+basic all at once and boom he has 10+stacks at the fights start…


Thanks. I’ll tell him…

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Pls dont touch CP Grace…


Wait I thought that he had something more. Lemme tell him

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Why would you mess with Grace?? Her heal is fine as is, it’s hard enough to get the carry to run close enough to you that they’re in range, PLUS it takes forever to cast, now you want to nerf it? It’s going to end up worse than Lyra’s heal at this rate…

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these aren’t really reworks… kestrel needs more range on her As

Glaive’s ult is like the most bullied ability in the entire Universe. It needs a rework

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This has actually been in the game since 2.12


Your “friends” ideas sound a lot like your own.
I have this friend and he has issues… You mean you have issues yourself? No no no it is my friend ehmmm what’s his name again…



Nole. This is not mine. This ain’t my editing style. His IGN is CallistoCastillo