My first win!

I just have to share this with someone! Up until last night, I’ve lost, miserably , in the several multi-player games, I’ve played. It seems there are players who have been playing VainGlory for at least 25 years and know everything about the game. I’ve thought about deleting the game and not suffer through any more embarrassment. Last night, I decided on one more game of Battle Royale, knowing full well, I’d be assigned a random character. Much to my delight, I got my favorite character, Gwen, so I played Gangster Gwen. Fortunately, as the game played on, I discovered that all of us were on the same level. The battle was a hard one, see-sawing back and forth, until my team finally prevailed and won the match!! I think I’ll keep playing for a while.




Congratulations!! The first win is always the best, especially after you’ve worked so hard to get there. Here’s to many more! :vgcheersx3:

25 years, what a legend! Congratulations tho!

Now play Ozo and you’ll win every time cause Ozo is #godtierperfection

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Shut don’t spread the secrets

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Patel op but shhh #godtierperfection

I’ve been playing for 30 years, I hit Vainglorious before I was conceived.


Nice try, but I’ll have you know I’ve been playing the MOBA perfected for touch long before the universe even came into existence

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At first, there was nothing…

And then, there was TOUCH.



I remember my very first ranked game from 3 years ago. 2v3 and we still won :), and the guy on my team that match is still on today.

You won with a gwen in BR? congrats. wait till you discover all the OP talents that dominate Battle Royale. You’ll win even more.

Just like when I threw a match for fun

Wp grace till you reach tier 9

actually the hero with the highest win rate is fortress. which is getting a nerf next patch. so yeh.

Fortress won’t be seen in rank much now

LOL! Then I hope I never have the misfortune of battling YOU!! I’ll spend the entire match regenerating!!

I realize, now, after playing different characters, that she’s really not the most formidable, but I was just in the right places, at the right times. I certainly got killed enough and owe a HUGE debt to my team for keeping us in the match, but at the end, while they were off to one side, battling the enemies, I was able to do an end-run around the entire group, and had a clear shot at the Vain crystal. I destroyed it, unmolested by anyone else. As long as I continue to play VainGlory, I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything like that, again.

You’re wrong. Vainglory has so many clutch moments it’s not even funny anymore. You will experience that many many more times the more you play.

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