My first Vainglory 5v5 game!

My first 5v5 game was a win against an evil developer!

Being a player that joined during the summer, I’m really proud and happy with my first game!


I just played my first 5v5 game as well. IT WAS AMAZING. I didn’t think it would be this good. Feels as you are the one in the arena. BUTTERY SMOOTH. Stunning job SEMC. Thanks for the amazing game. (And Cp Kestrel looks pretty good now, which makes me even happier :blush:).


They’ve made some small but significant improvements in almost everything since 2.12 … the lagginess is gone, and lots of small QoL issues have been addressed. I agree, it just FEELS great.

Bravo, SEMC!!!


I just finished my first 5v5…

Me: UwU Huge map! Awesome music! 5v5 HAIPPPPPP!

Also Me: Where should I go? What is my purpose? What is happening? Wha-


Killing Gold Toad with Grumpjaw makes me wonder if what I’m doing is ethical.

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tfw you’ve deleted the game and re-downloaded for the update like usual but you still don’t have 5v5 or the event access

I reinstalling vg after one year of break (im tired with 3s map). And yeah the 5s map is very good. But roam job is more annoying now…

New item is all good too

Oh hi!

Gg! That was a tense game, I tried so hard to win it, but you guys just played better in the end!

I definitely wasn’t feeling bad all day after that loss… nope, totally felt fine afterwards… :slight_smile:

Hope I get to face you again soon, best of luck and glad you had fun :slight_smile:


Yeah finding jungle monsters and shop etc took me a while.

1:05 is hella long before anything spawns its madness…

I was toplane ozo in my first match. Vs an enemy Lyra very annoying. Ganking mid is super fun though.

Turrets are monstrous in 5v5 wow

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I was wondering why somebody had red text for their name- I didn’t realiz e until you killed me! And besides, 5v5 is a team effort, so a win or loss doesn’t depend on one player :slightly_smiling_face:I know that my gameplay definitely wasn’t what made my team win.

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