My first LPQ


So I just got my first lpq in 1.5 years…

I got it because of salty teammates who ruined draft.
I had to mute half my team and play vs a smurf and a Kensei both Vainglorious players 1v2. No help whatsoever.

I lost top lane and did my best. LPQ straight afterwards.

4x 8 minutes and locked out of ranked. I only ever play ranked and blitz…

How is this a good system? The matchmaker trolled me vs 4 vainglorious players and my salty teammates downvoted me into LPQ…


Finally you understand why I keep complaining about matchmaking lel. God tier smurfs and bad teammates, I feel yer pain. Lpq isn’t that much of a deal tho, is it?


My time is rare… I can’t play ranked and have 24 minutes of useless waiting to do to blitz my way out of lpq… A whole ranked match down the drain. And I can’t play a real game the entire evening…

Good way to lose players…
The downvoting system doesn’t have any checks and balances… I never ever troll nor dodge… Yet now have lpq…


Well I got into LPQ twice because my iPad ran out of battery mid-combat, also twice.


The ban from ranked I get. But 8 minutes pregame for 4 games with all real games banned… Pfffft makes me want to quit and just play SC2…

Want my lpq gone before update day… Ugh…


Well to be fair that one was completely on you


lol one time I was in LPQ for a long time and update day was the next day, I was able to play perfectly fine with no LPQ, wondering if that still happens?


I got LPQ a few patches back from missing the accept button while waiting for a game because the queues are long and I zone out on tv. So I sent like a million nasty emails to semc. They replied with bla bla bla we cant get you out of lpq bla bla. I quit and uninsatlled the game for a month and after reinstalling my lpq was gone. Anyways lpq can go eat a bag dicks.


The game straight after LPQ. I got like 6 honours.


Your enemies in that match probably raged and hated you after that match. I wouldn’t wanna have a KDA of under 1 lel


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