My finished work of Taka's skin!

here you go, Nine-tailed Spirit Taka
this is the second time that i paint digitally, so it’s not very good tho…


really cool, just wish the lines were clearer.

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Thats awesome dude!

(Wanna give me some shading tips because im like garbage at it?)

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i tried… @Saint7502
can you share some tips please?

a lot of AirBrush
i’m also trash so… :slight_smile:

Well for a complete beginner u did pretty gud. I would love to see a remake of this once you are more experienced!

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@NinjaBryden i’m having trouble with poses and foreshortening so…
i’ll practice more! i’m pretty new to this kind of art. i usually do landscapes with watercolors or statues with pencils

I’d love to see some of your landscape art too, even if not VG related. Also I don’t got any tips for shaper lines I’m not an artist hehe.

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@Saint7502 well…


I hope you don’t mind, but

it had to be done.

It’s beautiful, I’d love to see more.


Yes muscle. I love those xD

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I love the concept even the basic design but I feel like the colors could have fit with the design better. When I think of nine tails spirit I think of orange, red, yellow and black