My favorite Krul build

This build is actually fantastic. At full build and if you apply weakness on the right opponents (and your team follows up) you should be practically unkillable. Above is a screenshot of the build in action (I am the Krul).

The build works because early game with the tension bow you can apply map-wide pressure which is always good, and you replace damage with tankiness late game to focus on applying weakness stacks over dealing damage. Capacitor plate makes his barriers huge, every Krul needs shiversteel and journey boots to stick to opponents. I would normally get husk over aegis now for the massive barrier but the Skaarf was putting in serious work. This build is also cheap because it has 2 damage items which means you don’t delay Krul’s early game.

My stats that game should be fair proof of this build working - I ate 101k damage but only died 7 times. I encourage everyone to try out this build!


Tb BP SS is a good core for Krul yeah.
Enemy team didn’t have much CC so I would advise you to go SH over aegis in this case. Even with the Skaarf but its not bad perse…

Nice build and play.

I see this happen higher up in ranked too it seems as an overall viable build.

In hindsight, I probably should’ve gone husk :slight_smile:

Also this is my Smurf, I’ve won with this build on my main but not with such impressive stats, hence I used this screenshot :happy:

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