My Dream Ends

I’m busier now. I’m less pateint and tolerant of stupid mistakes, both from myself and others. I tilt way more easily. The people I would trust in a party are either inactive or don’t play with me, or are online at times that I am not. Soloque in 5v5 has just been a mess. I suppose it has fallen a bit short of even my under-hyped expectations in some ways.

I’ve tried, but its just not working out. I’m sad about this, because VG is one of the first games I played seriously, my first moba, and so on. There was a lot of learning curve to overcome, in part due to my prior gaming experience being as a casual Wii and Nintendo DS player. So no real applicable experience beyond 15 seconds in League of Legends.

Once I dreamed of hitting T10 and making amazing plays, now I just feel sick when I look at that ranked button, knowing that I don’t have the calmness or mechanical skill or patience to get past a probably year before hitting anything above POA Bronze. At least I made it to T9 Bronze under my own power. I think I’ve managed to lose all my optimism surrounding MOBAs in general. If I take another one up at all seriously, it will probably be one whose developers support API-like projects much more fully, and whose games allow teammates to actually coordinate with eachother. So most likely League. Either way, I would need to learn a new MOBA during roughly half the week. I just don’t have the time or energy or motivation that I used to - VG made sure of that.

The grand irony in all this of course, is that from an achievement standpoint, I’ve done pretty well. I just haven’t lived up to my own expectations. While POA looks “low skill” to T10 players (idgaf what you think), 70% of players are like, T7 and below. Smurfs can affect this in both directions. So POA is something, especially with basically no prior gaming experience. Additionally, VG has kept me from pursuing many other interests and games - many of which I have significantly more potential in than here. Maybe elsewhere I can find my catharsis once more.

I sincerely doubt the majority of the few who click on this page give a f***, but I think there are a few posts I should make before dropping off of here too. Some things like Toxicity and Elo Hell we think about incorrectly. I probably won’t bother to reply there. All I want is to try to influence some other people to hopefully change the community a tiny bit - I would be insane to assume anything else is realistic with all the short sighted whining and cherry picking about heroes atm.

I’ve woken up as my dream ends - an illusion I chased endlessly for years, trying and failing endlessly to bring that elusive dream to reality. So I guess this is a pre-emptive goodbye.


wait who didn’t want to play with you -.-

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I’m sorry all this is happening I will miss the discussion. As an active MOBA player I’d like to suggest dota2 over lol but sadly they have been screwing the community creators lately. With moba expirence picking up lol won’t be too hard the hardest part will be more of learning heros. As for toxicity you won’t escape it in lol believe it or not it is worse than vg

You have a point about toxicity, but toxicity is unavoidable, and so far feeders are far less prevalent. More that people are just nooby.

My chief concern with MOBAs (and why I think VG is always going to be held back from a bigger stage for competitive casuals like me) is when there is no good way to communicate ingame for nontoxic people. Toxic people can do anything to trigger other people, the priority imho needs to be on supporting those who try to work with others. There is no way to make your allies read the damn scoreboard and realize that the team is losing and needs to aim for an unfair fight. God forbid people understand damage range or peeling or teamfight win conditions beyond “chaaaaaarge!” - a conglomerate of issues that are impossible to fix without built in voice chat (text chat is too clunky for VG). At least in PC Mobas there is a chance of this happening, rather than 0.

Actually in PC mobas text chat is impossible to use as most times when chat is needed you have to time to type unless you get a good mouse and set your abilities on that. When I played Defense against Titans I didn’t have any toxicity issues but when I changed to primarily dota2 I had some issues, but I won’t go back to dota2 ,even though it has the best but hardest to learn movement system, until they do right to community creators again.

Thats true, I was thinking more of typing outside of teamfights when there is time to plan. On League at least, it doesnt seem too hard, if anything i’m more likely to get tripped up by not closing the chatbox and entering my abilities there -_-

You climbed higher than me atleast lol :sweat_smile:

I will recommend that you get a roccat Kone pure mouse so you can chat and ability easy Amazon has them at a good price

COUGH get people to play with you COUGH

Dude, 5v5 was just released, they are obviously going to tweak it, as there are a crap ton of inbalances. Sure, solo queue team work is horrible, especially now that it is much harder to hard carry and snowballing is way more brutal.

The game is far more strategy oriented than mechanically based now. It’s less of a pvp game now and more so objective based. Just, focus on playing your position flawlessly and don’t get caught in pointless group skirmishes.

If your team is noob feeding, than focus on offside split pushing, or counter farming. Focus on positioning and leveraging your turrets to fight instead of getting caught up in chasing. Individual play still has a big impact for those who focus on objectives. Sure it’s a lot more boring, but if you want to win that’s how you have to play.

The community would be poorer for you leaving, so I hope you are going to make up your mind, once you had the opportunity to unwind and can enjoy the game again.

But then, there’s a lot of things out there, at least as worthwhile, that you could excell at with the same type of dedication. I wish you the very best of luck, should you turn to one of those.


Goodbye Magmaw, have a good life.


I am hoping we will see you in two weeks, you have been a great forumer for ages and the community will be a bit less without you.


Please stop in and say hi even if you aren’t playing anymore


Well, you’re right about the world being big wide and full of other things to do. Just balance it. Even the odd game every weekend is enjoyable for me. Take a break, you’ll love it. It’ll have the added side effect of enjoying everything in life, including gaming. Hopefully you’ll tilt less, in any game, not just VG.


Well, I still plan to drop some other posts, but I might come back afterwards just to chat then xd
I was expecting this to be buried in the salt mine, truth be told :stuck_out_tongue:

Inb4 kidnapped and brought back to SEMF


Mag is currently playing card games uwu

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at least stop in for a battle royale once a week or two!
we’ll miss ya! : D

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Magmaw, you don’t know me since I mostly lurk and don’t post a lot, here or on the SEMF discord. But you’re one of the people I look up to, one of the pillars of the community. I love reading your posts, they’re always well-thought out. I do hope you’ll keep frequenting these forums & discord and keep helping noobs like me whenever you can like always :slight_smile:

But I do realize there’s a time to move on, it might be difficult but the world’s a wide place, there’s always something else waiting for you. Either way - good luck, and it’s been a pleasure!


maybe you could check vg again about 3 patch from now… it can change for better

actually i’m not very fond of 5v5 too… it feels a bit “not vainglory” for me.