My Carry Tier List(Mid Lane SOLOQ)in Patch 3.4 (EDITED for more accuracy)

Before I start, I just wanted to say I messed up in my post in the captain tier list forum as I don’t really have as much experience with captain as with carry so I’ll just make an accurate list for carry instead of contributing to the captain one as I have much more say in this aspect.

Take note that is mostly for SOLOQ(Do I really have to put in capital letters)

God Tier


  1. Celeste
  2. Varya
  3. Skaarf

Tier 1
4. Malene/Samuel(The only reason for this is because he is better as a jungler atm)
5. Lyra CP(IT can work really well, trust me. I just played Lyra CP last night and she was insane, not the AC build but the Burst build. Works really well in soloq)

Tier 2(Removed entirely)

VERY IMPORTANT: Malene remains dominant in pro play mainly because they are skilled and the players know how to pilot her to her full potential. However in mid tier soloq, players aren’t very skilled, meaning that this nerf will affect them very much. This means that Varya, Skaarf, Celeste or Samuel will be better for soloq instead of Malene. This doesn’t apply if you are a skilled Malene player.

VERY IMPORTANT 2: I used to help me decide the positions and Celeste currently sits at the top of all mid laners if you don’t count Malene who is only at the very top because of her insane ban rate.

VERY IMPORTANT 3: I referred to excoundrel’s video and tweaked it slightly

Celeste has once more become the queen of mid lane(SOLOQ) after the nerfs to fellow god-tier mid laners last patch, namely Malene and Samuel.

Malene’s already lower damage potential compared to other mid laners was further lowered, and her ultimate cooldown has been raised again, making her much weaker in the early game and much easier to shut down. However she is still very dominant in pro play due to her kit and useful CC she provides.

Samuel’s empowered damage took another hit this update, and in the early-mid game suffer much more because of it. His late game is still substantial, but it can’t really compete as well against Varya and Skaarf who are in the God Tier along with Celeste. Because of this, he fares well better as a jungler rather than in mid for Celeste, Skaarf, Varya and Malene feel more at home there compared to samuel.

Varya’s damage is insane, especially in the late game, and the nerf to Malene and Samuel makes it easier for her to trade against them, as she had difficulty laning against them in the early game especially.

Skaarf’s poke and ultimate provide insane damage at any stage of the game, making him very consistent. He also fares well against celeste, making him a good counter pick. His AOE damage however isn’t the best if you compare it to Celeste, Samuel and Varya(Malene naturally has less damage so we don’t count her in)

However in pro play, Malene and Samuel remain dominant, and Skaarf isn’t very popular in pro play either. The Tier list in pro play will look more like…

  1. Samuel
  2. Malene
  3. Celeste
  4. Varya

The top 3 can be switched depending on what region and pro player you talk to but those are still the top picks in pro play despite the nerfs.

What do you guys think? You can provide constructive criticism about the accuracy of this list and I may edit it depending on what other higher tier soloq players think as I only managed Tier 6 gold last season(embarrassed face) but I watch a lot of pro play so I still have a good idea on who is meta and who isn’t.

The Tier 1 picks except Malene and Samuel are more of niche picks though it is still possible to play them.

You give Baron way too much credit.
D tier at best. Malene and Sam are too low on that list…

Yeah… the cp baron players, i cry every time


Seeing a Baron player right now is worse than Saw…
He is my most hated hero at the moment. So much potential and promise but you always get a skillless feeder who doesn’t add anything to your teams side.

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You put Baron and Reza and even Joule as mid laners but didn’t put Kestrel or Vox (he’s not very good at it but not certainly better than than the other 3).


Samuel tier 1, he can destroy Celeste early game, to the point where he snowballs her…

Reason why in pro play Samuel>Celeste, as it is a snowball meta oriented. However, Samuel is now more like the jungler to be able to pressure and siege any lane he wants, specially the bottom one (I think it’s the bottom one?). So… in general Celest>Samuel in mid just because Samuel is jungler right now.

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When she has FB she van handle him. Sidestep his A land yours.

Not until lvl 8 as Samuel heavily out ranges her, and by that point, you might be snowballed, and in that case no FB will help you.

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erm disagree. Despite the nerf, Samual is still better than Celeste.

accurate shots of MV at celeste 2 times(4 enpowered shots) is enough for him to kill celeste. As long as samual knows where to stay out of her range and his range is longer.

That’s exactly what he was saying bro…

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he also said celeste > samual

In mid lane due to Samuel being played in jungle right now, but Samuel is still better than Celeste in mid. The priorities are Samuel jungle and Celeste mid, not Samuel mid.

Samuel has the perfect kit, it’s like being Krul but ranged. Samuel is probably 2nd on the list because Varya deserves first on the God Tier category.

Varya has the most damage potential and although not as much range due to her being AA focused she punishes Skaarf and Celeste hard and a matchup between her and Sam is really interesting to watch especially when they are both good. But hands down she has the best late game among all of them.

Skaarf is underappreciated at the moment compared to the other three (Sam, Celeste, and Varya) mostly because he is missing that CC and a giant AoE damage source. He will only become popular once people get better at using his Ult.

Celeste has been given too much credit in this and the entire meta counters her, two notable heroes being Glaive and Blackfeather. Let’s not forget Kensei either and my personal favorite WP Idris, but the last one counters them all.

Considering meta captains as well Samuel pairs up with them the best, notably being Lyra. Now if we consider this our friend Varya takes a hit as well due to Lyra literally hard countering her (ever seen a Lyra teleport on to a Varya as she is channeling her Ult and then bam the Varya is on your side of the teamfight?)

My tier list would be (considering bans):


CP Lyra
CP Adagio
CP Lorelai
CP Baron/WP Baron

It’s the early game range, when you get lvl 2 the DMG output can be insane… not much Celeste can do into this as she’s not an early game hero.

CP Baron 5th best midlaner lul

Lemme explain why I put CP Baron as 5th best mid laner in SOLOQ

In Soloq, CP Baron can be absolutely cancerous, as since there isn’t really a coordinated team. He can simply poke from far away with no worry of getting dived on by the enemy team since his motars hit as hard as celeste supernovas.

If he is shut down early he is countered, but when left alone(THIS HAPPENS in soloq too often), he becomes a monster.

He can be the reason why the losing enemy team wins in the end(happens to me again)

I agree that he should probably be lower, but in soloq his presence is too cancerous to ignore especially in low-mid tier.

In high tier he is too easily countered, so that is why I put this list as soloq.

I decided to remove Tier 2 entirely because mid lane meta is mostly for mages so it gets messed up when you go to the lower tiers of the List.

Thanks for the criticsm though!

This is very true. Samuel works very well in soloq but many players favour him in jungle now because of the snowball meta as many have put it. Celeste works mainly because in soloq, people forget to focus on her and she gets fed and when they realize it, its too late and Celeste already has her overdrive+ 2 Tier 3 items.

I agree that Varya does have the best late game out of all the heroes indeed, I main all the mid laners if you check my vg pro/ top lane occasinally.

Going back to the point, Varya certainly can be first in the list, but I decided I can’t really put her there because if I do, that implies that despite her difficulty, she is very consistent. Which is not true in soloq especially, because Varya gets so hard countered if her dash was interrupted(Lyra, Ardan, Malene even) and her lower-than-average movement speed means that she will suffer immensely if this happens. You said that the entire meta counters celeste(not exactly true but anyways), but Varya is really easily countered as well. Dive heroes in the game, check(Celeste does get dived on, but she has a stun), Crowd control, check(Varya is forced to go to close range because of her AA’s and she’ll have no barrier if her dash is interrupted. Celeste avoids CC entirely because of her range.)

There is a reason why I put Celeste higher up than Varya despite all of the amazing qualities and potential she has for I myself experienced it. There is probably also a reason why Excoundrel put Celeste as best mid laner and removed samuel from the list entirely and why Varya is second on his list as well. I referred to his video and tweaked it slightly for mid tier soloq.

Thanks for sharing your opinion though. :smiley: