My captain tier in patch 3.4

Yay not ranting for once, vg bronze captain main and thought i would share my personal 5v5 captain tier list for this update. Feel free to ask for tips regarding those heroes or any questions on the captain position in general but keep in mind that its my own personal opinion and i am by no means the best captain out there

  • Best pick: Lorelai, already a very solid captain pick last patch, the buffs she received as well the new items and the Lyra nerfs promoted her to the top of the captain tier list.
  • Top tier picks: Lyra Adagio Grace, Lyra the uncontested best captain pick last patch has received some significant and justified nerfs but the new item capacitor plate maintained her as a top tier pick. Adagio hasn't directly changed and was an alright pick last patch that could apply a lot of early game pressure but that used to fall off hard but once again capacitor plate has promoted him even higher and he actually scales pretty into the late game with 600 burst heals with once he gets that item. Grace got her ult cd reduced quite drastically for some reason... yeah no need to say more
  • Solid picks: Ardan and Catherine, very solid captains that offer great versatility and that you can play with basically any comp but who are not quite as impactful as Lorelai and the top tier picks
  • Situational picks: Churnwalker and Fortress, picks that work really well in certain drafts but very poorly in others.

I am still undecided on Phinn because i haven’t seen enough of him to make solid assumptions, he was by far the worst captain last patch but we shall see with the new items and the buff he received. As for the other captains, they’re not worth playing in my opinion.


I find Lorelai to be better as a top laner. She’s arguably the second best top laner second only to grace who gets banned. Since there are many other good captain choices, it’d be better to play her top.

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Phinn is top tier imo. Plate + Rook provides SO MUCH team-wide tankiness it’s insane. He is stupid good. He is also very fast in the river.

Lorelai still seems a bit rough in the mid ranks because people don’t grasp the concept of “backline support”. In rank 6 matches its common to see Glaive, Krul, or Alpha huddled up behind her, waiting for her to dive in first. Adagio and Lyra have the same problem, but they are a bit better at playing meat shield than Lorelai is. It’s not a problem with the hero, it’s just that less experienced players tend to work better with frontline tanks.

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So funny/sad how Flicker wasn’t even mentioned in this post :crying_cat_face:


Or Lance. Guess SEMC should just relabel him a jungler.


Lance is a really good top laner, he’s not a terrible captain but like i said there is no reason to pick him over any of the picks i’ve mentioned.

Flicker is like Saw he has the most predictable playstyle in the game, it’s a hero that has to snowball otherwise he’s wortheless.

Lorelai is just really good, I agree with you on the point that she is one of the most amazing captains in the whole game. However, I am not exactly too sure about putting her above Lyra, Adagio and Grace though… Grace and Lyra are really good, especially Grace who got a buff instead of a nerf despite being extremely good last patch. Adagio’s burst heal is great with a much lower cooldown than Grace’s though it doesn’t provide any sort of damage reduction. Lorelai’s ult still has a long cooldown despite the removal of echo and she doesn’t have any form of strong CC except her A with a small radius, probably making her on par with the latter.

How about this…

God Tier
(These picks are the ones that you would most definitely pick or ban in any situation. These are the most powerful captain in the game currently and are likely to get nerfed next patch.

  1. Lorelai
  2. Grace
  3. Lyra

(not sure about adagio for he is slightly less reliable but he is amazing as you say.

Tier 1
(When the God Tier Heroes are banned, these are picks that you would most likely want to grab from the enemy. They are the best heroes to main, simply because they won’t always be banned of pick unlike the God Tier Heroes)

  1. Adagio
  2. Ardan
  3. Tony
  4. Catherine
  5. Phinn(not reflecting his actual position, mainly because I haven’t seen a good phinn yet this patch so ya)

Tier 2(Situational)
9. Lance
10. Fortress

Tier 3(Don’t pick unless used for snowball comps. Trash Tier besides that basically)
11. Flicker.

Lmao wut…

look at #Sandiha 's post you’ll get why

They should nerf her B cooldown tbh you can basically perma slow with it once you have 1 cooldown item

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You just said you’re not too sure about putting Lorelai above Lyra, Adagio and Grace and you listed Lorelai as number 1 pick and nerf worthy next patch

If her B is that good it defines her whole kit they wouldnt mind to buff her A.
She just starts to be good after a long time being abandoned by players and now you want her nerfed lol. It’s not like she appears in every game and being absolutely dominant like Lyra last patch (maybe in EU she is picked often but in SEA she’s still ignored after buff)
In all honesty she deserves more buff like getting her ult cooldown reduced like Grace and Cath.

Even if Adagio is worse (which he isn’t) he is the reliable one. Even when Lyra’s heal is stronger his heal is the reliable one. It’s fast and accurate. Can’t miss it and don’t need to wait it.


Lyra’s total heal is simply too juicy it makes Adagio’s looks like crap. Her sigils duration / 1 person is 3 sec, which means it heals 3x stronger and with Capacitor Plate she heals for nearly 2000 health for every 3.85 sec. And Lyra can just spam it every time while Adagio can’t spam his heal because it burns his energy if he can’t cast fire on enemy.
I checked on practice mode. If Lyra pops her heal immediately it gives ~600 health, when Adagio with the same build is ~750, considering Sigil also gives aoe speed boost for repositioning, Lyra’s sigil beats Adagio’s A in every aspect.

Guys give me the build I’ve tried and only have gotten around a 600 max health boost

Fortress, Tony, Lance, and Baptist are seeing significantly more play as Laner/Jungler so I am leaving them out of the Captain meta. Heroes to the left > right within the same tier. Grace should be banned.

S - Grace, Lyra
A - Adagio, Lorelai, Phinn
B - Ardan, Catherine
C - Churnwalker, Flicker

I think Adagio is S/A. People under appreciate AoW. With a Mid Varya and Bot Ringo with buffed TT, AoW can tip the balance of power in two lanes from a long distance away.

Lorelai and Phinn both can punish a turret dive and roam between Lanes quickly. Both are extremely frustrating to play against late game with lots of CDR.

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Crucible Wartread Scoutcam2000 3 new items. It’s ~690 and 25 heal*3 ticks

Not really. With plate Adagio actually speed boosts too now. His heal is stronger and faster as it is targeted. Also can’t miss it for the same reason. He has been additional heal over time as well. I really never have problem with his energy even when using without igniting enemies but might be just me. And even then Lyra has a giant flaw in her heal. It’s cut by others standing there so in team fights it’s not as effective. Here’s how I see them. Adagio’s the melee healer. Better for melee heroes and team fight heals. Lyra’s the mage healer. Really strong out of and between fights and siege comps. Healing the entire team back up after having a fight and ready to go for the next.

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