My build paths don’t show

So yeah basically there’s a bug and I don’t know what builds out of what and I haven’t memorised everything so in fear of buying the wrong one I just have to wait until being able to buy the t3 but this wastes a lot of time when I could have part of the item done. Help!

Have you tried enabling auto-buy?
If you’re using recommended builds that should be a great QoL,although I’d recommend reading what every item in your build does and why you build it.

Thats not the problem. He can’t see the components to create a t3 item, which forces him to buy them only when he has already enough gold to fully buy them.

If you click on a t3 item and close the shop, do the t1 items appear in the bottom corner to quick by or is that bugged too? Just trying to figure a way around it, I haven’t had the issue

Are you on low graphics?

its always like that on low graphics