My anger and hatred for the game disappointment

I am a very big supporter for vainglory for a few years, I had been playing since skins were called tiers and had been one of my favorite games, I would defend it from people and my friends when they say it’s bad and I had never felt that it’s dying. I was Ted quite a sum of money on it. When the change dust into blueprints I was ok. When they added 5v5 I was fine and supported to be a disappointment but I still continued. But because of their greed for money and taking away the sunshine(I forgot what it’s call)system and the end of seasons award, I was losing hope for the game. furthermore, their “BaLaNCed” changes for heroes by looking at low elo and running high elo plus terrible matchmaking made me hell pissed and made me let go of the game. I had very high hopes for this game and I really wish they bring back how the game was before when I started.
Forgot the mention that they fired lore writers and some other important people and made the game well.

As old players, SEMC you made many old players quit by supporting new players. Disappointment. Damn sad you know.

They need more money means they have to monetize harder… Also the reason why they fired the lores and stuff to conserve cash… also you can go to the 3.9 balance discussion to say how you feel about the balance… Or try reddit(good luck lol)

And as far as i am concern Kristian steargale made a poll on twitter about what does the community want to get addressed and the highest vote is on matchmaking… I think that’s enough signal for them to take actiom

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