My 4.7 Changes. Part Potoo

The Forums (VG topic area) has been quiet for some time so I decided to make another one of these types of posts because its kinda fun… For me ofc :lyra:

Oh also my old Mock Up Patchnotes might have some changes since I now believe some heros still deserve the make believe buff/nerf while others I would no longer want.

But lets act like my past patchnotes doesn’t exist.

ALSO these changes are based off of what I feel, not a collection of info from other players so yes, I will be selfish enough to buff my favorite heros and destroy yours.


  • Verse of Judgement:
    • Stun Duration decrease from 1.6/2.3/3 to 1.6/1.8/2.0

Yea. CP Adagio is somewhat back and with that much damage and that long of a duration, this one ability can change a whole fight. I find it ok, you have 1300 CP damage but not that long of a stun duration.


  • Termination Protocol:
    • (New) Overdrive Bonus: Explosion radius is increased by .5

Gives more room to Alpha players since maxing A and B was the best route for plays.


  • Shimmer Blade:
    • Energy Costs up from 30/35/40/45/50 to 40/50/60/70/85
    -Dance of Blades:
    • Energy Costs up from 30/40/50/60/70 to 30/40/50/60/90

Ankas back… In lane where she’s supposed to be but shes still strong so instead of nerfing her damage (Ahem like the 4.5 PN and killing her lane viability), nerfing her energy costs seems reasonable.

Honestly you could just build :vgitem_halcyonchargers: and not run into any energy problems… Anyone remember when they nerfed every single hero with their energy costs so they would have problems for multiple reasons? Yea Im doing that to Anka.


  • Feint of Heart:
    • Movement speed bonus bug fixed.



  • Triple Tap:
    • CP ratio up from 60% to 75%

All the nerfs combined kinda made Caine CP obsolete. The only damage he has is his ult thats about it. They even removed his recommended build I think.


  • Divergent Paths:
    • Melee: Basic attack to cooldown increased from 1 to 1.5

Idk I want a buff to WP.


  • Tracer Shot:
    • Tracer Shots up from 6.25 to 8.

I hate non rounded numbers in mobas. Plus the B nerfs that we’ve been wanting since release, put her in a good but weak place.


• (Rework) CP does normal damage to Lane minons.

I really want her (CP path) to come back but her Jungle path is too risky due to actual junglers and she cant farm well in the lane as CP.

P.s I used to play CP Lane Kestrel in 3v3


  • Winter Spire:
    • Travel Speed increased
    -Chill Winds:
    • Cooldown decreased from 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 to 10 at all ranks.

He was good for one patch. One.


• Base WP increased from 111 to 121.

CP is bomb in 5v5 with skilled hands but WP isn’t that hot.


  • Storm forged Spear:
  • Impact Damage up from 70/110/150/190/220 to 80/130/180/230/300
    • CP ratio on Impact up from 150% to 170%
    • CP ratio on Chain lightning is increased from 130% to 150%
    • Overdrive cooldown is now 3 seconds on A

They removed some of her AA power but never really distributed it back. Not only that but overdriving her A doesn’t really help with anything besides chaining her perk and thats it. So I brought back her high damaging A for those who want a High Risk and High Reward path for aiming well.



  • Stats:
    • Basic Attack is down from 75-163 to 60-125.
    • Living Blade ratio is up from 40% to 55%
  • Ascension:
    • Duration is down from 8/10/12 to 6/8/10
    • Double Basic Attack down from 25% to 20%

She should be using her blades as a weapon. Rn she doesnt even need to use her blades for damage. She just stacks :vgitem_dragonseye: then ulti into them and stutterstep.

I moved some of her AA damage to her blades. The puppeteer of the blades.

Ishtar had the highest base stat for her AA with a whopping 173 which is the highest out of any Mage or CP hero so we all know that’s because shes a new hero so she has to be somewhat op.

Tell me what do you like, hate, or would change? I want to trigger you with my blasphemous changes :potoo:

Also I got PoA Lance

Weird flex but ok

Adagio: I don’t agree, he is good as CP mage, but that doesn’t justify a nerf to his captain path.

Kinetic: no need, she is not bad, she just get out damage by the OP heroes, and are those heroes the ones that should be touched, not her.

Kestrel: her CP path is toxic, probably one of the most toxic heroes I’ve seen ever. She should remain as a WP carry

Reim: increase his FH ratio, he needs to tank.

Ishtar: the power of her ult should depend on the amount of blades she destroys, not just a god mode no matter what happens, that way her ult will have something related to her kit.

  • Ishtar base damage down from 75 - 163 + 40% CP to 50 - 110 + 40% CP. she should use her living blades to out damage the enemy, right now she outdamages the enemy with just one living blade.


  • base stats decrease to a warrior ones, not to a captain (which is what she has right now, base stats from a captain paired with that 35% damage reduction).

  • Thunder strike damage down by 10% WP


  • Range on his empowered attacks down from 4 extra range to 2


  • basic attack ratio on her A down from 110/115/120/125/135 to 110 and once overdrive 120%


  • Crushing Strike ratio down from 280% to 270%
  • Jet Cyclone
    • damage ratio down from 200% to 180%
    • Slow strength ratio down from 30% to 20%

More toxic than CP Taka? I understand your thoughts but CP Kestrel isnt that hard to handle. Her damage was nerfed badly in the past and I didnt touch her ratios or base stats. Its only a change for her so she can lane better than being forced to jungle.


You only changed her damage against lane minions so… I take out my complain. Grrrr…


  • Base damage up from 77 - 161 to 97 -161. Is a joke that his early game is worse than Leo, who is a hypercarry whereas Idris doesn’t.
  • Melee divergent path @RiseChu changes.


  • Base WP up from 54 - 109 to 70 - 140. His WP path is trash due to how low his damage output is, and his CP path isn’t great either.

  • Sonic zoom energy cost down from 40/45/50/55/60 to 30/35/40/45/50


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This is just contrived. You seem to be changing this based not on balance, but on your personal annoyance with the ability. Adagio does not need this nerf, and if you insist on it his other paths need compensation. I’d love to see HP ratios on his B or something.

Ults don’t have overdrives. If you want to break a long help rule (which is fine) do it for a really good reason. I’d love to see a future hero where overdriving ult completely changes it in some way. It’s not worth it for a tiny stat change. Just tune the existing numbers around to make maxing it more compelling.

Anka is not over powered. Why nerf her when she is in a good place?

He won’t be viable still, but that is probably for the best. I would not mind this buff just for fun.

I don’t have any issues with this, but Idris needs to be handled carefully. I feel like this is not enough to make WP viable, but at the same time has the potential to break his kit (especially hybrid) down the line. That said, maybe a less extreme version of this (1.25?), combined with some qol changes to his ult (longer duration on allies would be a really fun change, giving him more options playstyle wise) or even the ability to ult.

What is this canging? I’m lost.

Oof no. This is not the way to make her viable. Her strength should not be wave clear. This also excludes from jungle ever being viable again.

I would sooner see it have more range (especially at early levels). The slow anticipated movements is what makes Reim Reim, locking enemies down to be hit is an important part of his kit. Don’t ruin him more than SEMC already has.

Nice change, but she needs even more. That said I am a fan of gradual buffs over time.

Way overkill. Varya is pretty bad rn but not potato. She needs one of these changes, not all 4.

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I… I did say that “these changes are based off of what I feel”. If I had stats, that would be another thing but I dont so I decided to make some of the changes out of my experience.
Lets just say having to cruci a Miho ult then having to run away from a Adagio, booting in to A and Ult combo you isnt that fun.

She’s definitely not overpowered but shes back to being a A to S tier hero. In t10, the moment you build glass cannon, you set for the game. I feel like anymore damage nerfs will result in her being unplayable to a degree. So I decided to hit her hard in the next best spot imo.

Understandable. I just wanted to give a reason to max ult instead of the usual A and B. Kinda of boring for me. though maybe she gains a little more range with each point? Idk.

Im not really aiming for dual path viability. Just a small buff so that I can have more fun with (abusing) his long distance burst playstyle.

Its her perk. :joy:

What would you think if I said this was on purpose. Based on my past comments, I really liked her skillshot play style before it became AA oriented. Though her kit as of rn isnt really compatible with how it was so I doubt even with this change, she wouldn’t be the same.

This gave me a headache. I cant seem to find a way for her CP path to be viable without her being cancerous again.

I want to say that her jungle path is fine but it really isnt, other junglers/carries just push her out of the jungle due to her squishiness and you cant play her in lane because she doesnt have enough wave clear after early game.

The audience wants nerfs to Joule, Leo and Caine.

And a buff to lyra and malene

Lyra an Malene doesn’t need any buff lol



But… this is a buff… she needs a nerf, don’t buff her please ;_;

:potoo: But this is still a nerf. Shes supposed to use or wield her blades for maximum damage but as of rn, the moment you have enough stacks, you can ult God Mode in and destroy any single target without your blades.

All this is a redistribution of power. Her ult is WAYYYY to strong right now and Im trying to make her ult feel like a empowerment like Rezas ult, not a completely different playstyle as it is rn.

She already has a HEFTY cooldown on her A that prevents her from consistently moving her blades around nonstop. So i feel like that’s enough of a restriction. 7 seconds to move your blades after you use the 4 stored ones.

Not only did i nerf the CP ratio on the double AA but her base stat is lower than any CP AA hero. That forces her to use her blades if she wants full or maximum damage.

What would you change instead? @Guest_78

So how about tweaking her heroic perk? And adding in bonus cooldown per stack maybe have it be a max of up to 5%.
It would give her more of a chance in both lane and jungle because having more stacks = faster glimmer shots without buying extra items, and with her only escape ability/trap ability can be used more often during a fight. Because rn it barely gets used from what I have experienced. And at the end of the day 5% won’t make all the much different in endgame since you know, we have a CD cap now (yes I’m still salt about it)

I would always pick that “soft” base damage nerf and the 5% CR reduction on the ult for 15% more in the baldes. Going from 40% to 55% is huge and she has 4 of them (I get they deal reduced damage and all that). The CR buff on the blades combined it’s 30%, which is huge even with those nerfs. As I see it this is a buff.

I would plain nerf her, not redistribute her power.

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But thats a double edged blade of a buff. In actuality that would make her WP more oppressive that what it already is. Its not totally implausible. And it could work. We would just have to change her kit a little.

Honestly idk why they buffed her.

WP Kestrel is not really a AA hero but what she makes up is being able to SpellWeave her A into her autos. But in boths of her paths, Her A is the damage dealer. I rather her CP Glimmershot to be high damaging and her WP Glimmershot be moderate damage since WP allows spell weaving.