MSI 2021 - May 6-23

The Mid Season Invitational :lol_msi: starts today!

Day 2 of :lol_msi: is underway!

:lol_msi: Semifinals start today!

Match 1 (best of 5): - 2021-05-21T13:00:00Z
:lol_teams_rng: Royal Never Give Up
:lol_teams_psgtalon: PSG Talon

Match 2 (best of 5) - 2021-05-22T13:00:00Z
:lol_teams_dwgkia: DAMWON Kia
:lol_teams_madlions: MAD Lions


While I like PSG Talon’s determination (see Game 2 of yesterday’s match – or their entire run at Worlds last year!), they’re just not playing at the same level as RNG. Watch the final game of yesterday’s semi if you want to see why RNG is favored to win this tournament!

Today’s semi will determine who faces RNG in the final tomorrow! Will it be the defending world champs or the scrappy team from Madrid? We’ll know soon: the stream starts 2021-05-22T13:00:00Z!

Go :lol_teams_madlions:!!!

:lol_msi: Final - 2021-05-23T13:00:00Z

:lol_teams_rng: Royal Never Give Up
:lol_teams_dwgkia: DAMWON Kia

MSI Countdown live in 10 … 9 …

Game 1 is in the bag!

ADCs full build + Baron buff + Elder buff = W

But who won in that dominating fashion?


Game 2 won by some immaculate Lee Sin play and one mid laner remaining deathless!

Who came from behind and rocked the Rift to win?


Game 3 was eerily similar to Game 2! The team with the early lead made a mistake in the Baron pit and paid dearly for it – losing their lead and never getting it back.

Which team made their opponents rue the Baron misplay?


One team put on a clinic in Game 4 – they built a lead early and kept adding to it until the outcome was inevitable!

Who schooled whom?


And MSI is OVER! Which team absolutely DOMINATED Game 5???

2021 Mid Season Invitational Champs