Most annoying patch to adapt to imo

I’ve only played three matches into this patch and lost all three but that’s beside the point because players were always clueless about what to do since pros are still adapting. But oh god here are some of my personal issues with this patch:

-The jungler has a strict rotation now. This bothers me because it becomes annoying to pull of invades as an aggressive top laner (my primary playstyle). And when your team’s jg doesn’t stay at red buff its gg because enemy top laner can sacrifice two first items to get banner instead and clear it all while your bot laner is supposed to hypercarry.

-Duo bot and jungle is absolutely frustrating especially as a top laner. The first game of the new patch I play BF, mind you he was the last hero I played in 3.8 going 13/5/2 and I proceed to go 0/3/0 in the game. I used to be able to handle duos but I honestly don’t think I can now because Journey boot second item is broken. Ringo is top tier because of his aggression and Kinetic is a good second because she’s practically Ringo with more poke and less damage if you can’t poke. The Lance in my first ever game was actually disgusting being able to run circles around turret and being tanky af since he bought banner and boots.

-You buy t3 boots asap or you lose. Going to the previous para.

-Healer is tanky for no reason. Banner does more damage now making it a must so I built it on Kensei and did fine. The reason we lost can be related to complain #1 and Korean players… BUT STILL the fact that I did well with banner Kensei isn’t right.

I’m beginning to dislike the fact that I’m playing a new game every month or so.

Impact-wise I would say jungle role and maybe even an aggressive captain seals the deal. Both roles are 100% more important than any of the lanes because it really is down to microplays under turret and macroplays all over the map.

Things are probably not the same for people of lower tiers but I’m just saying t3 boots second item is a guaranteed win.

All of this goes way over my head as a Brawl player by nature but good luck for all of you people dealing with this boots second item crap :grimacing:

I’m honestly having trouble following your points, but I find 3.9 fairly similar to 3.8, but frankly a lot better.

Bruisers are viable, top lane while still a losing battle is much better, as the enemy has to spend more time clearing jungle, and they get less gold for it. Stormcrown is by no means amuse buy, it’s good on certain heroes and situations, but you can jungle without it, lots of different items like Shiversteel and Pulseweave are usable.

3.9 is definitely the best place 5v5 has ever been in for all positions, and I hope the game continues to settle is with fewer changes each patch.

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Tbh I’m enjoying 3.9. I have noticed boots have more of an impact, people who buy them early can dodge my Yates stuns more easily. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. It’s a change in meta, sure, and I can understand you’re annoyed that they keep changing the meta, but this isn’t necessarily a bad meta. I think it’s one they can keep (although early game Lance may need a nerf)

Should mention that I’ve only played 3v3 this patch…

Top lane is definitely not good. I can’t secure kills anymore because enemy team just has more gold than me to buy better boots because of the inherent gold advantage in the bot lane. This puts me farther behind and due to them changing health on healing treant I can’t take it fast enough unlike them who secure red buff jungle in the time I clear one minion wave and healer (the other way around in order though).

This patch would have been much better if they hadn’t changed boots and jungle health. There’s no reason why if I outrotated my opponents I shouldn’t have all their jungle.

Then again every time I play a role the opposite end of the map ends up magically losing leading to me losing 1 elo every match with a 0% WR. People don’t understand that the meta hasn’t changed drastically that carry junglers are preferred opposed to tanky junglers. There is a reason why cozz is now a captain main instead of jungle.