More new players these days?

Although I get matched with a lot of newbies for some reason (I get lots of players without 5v5 badges. It’s good that the game’s growing though) the queue times for 5v5 ARE better than they’ve ever been…even if my allies tend to be…pretty bad. At least I once got a good Lyra that I dominated bot with when using BF kek

Playing BF against bad players is pretty fun ngl :^)

i tested casual soloQ there is a ton of new players, but i think i broke them. Well it was more of stutterstep practice for me

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not more new players, just no more real matchmaking in casual games. you can meet all kinds of player now, from beginner to pro.
makes the qs fast and the games get really, really bad.

I actually like how it is rn: fast queues and my MM in casual didn’t change (imagine how bad it was for me) and sometimes it’s even better than it used to.

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of course the mm is gonna hit it right sometimes, if it can hit everything. doesnt really mean its good though.
i think casual was actually so bad before, that the shorter time doesnt even make a difference in mm due to the lack of players.
i bet many players either go for brawl or ranked, but there is no reason to go into casual at all. you cant even learn a new hero there, as you cant gurantee to face a fair game that gets you actual results. (you could stomp some newbs or get stomped by pros, but you will never know if you can use your hero right for your tier)

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