More Loot for League Esports Fans

During official matches, fans actively viewing the broadcasts on will be rewarded with League of Legends digital goods and other promotions from our brand partners when epic moments occur. Our goal is to continue to elevate the fan experience for those at home by amplifying already exciting moments through rewards accessible inside and outside League of Legends.

These will begin during the third week of the Summer Split for :lol_logo_lec: and :lol_logo_lcs2:, and you must be watching the match LIVE to earn the Drop.

More details :arrow_right: HERE :arrow_left:

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I’ve become quite a fan of these drops! Just this weekend, I’ve gotten a Hextech chest + key, a chance to win a League-themed Secret Lab gaming chair, a discount on LEC merch, and a ton of Blue Essence. Really rather nice rewards for watching matches I’d watch anyway! :blush:

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Yeah, it’s a really nice addition to all who enjoys the great games! :))