Monthly vote for forum background

@idmonfish here you go.

I’ve been observing the latest discussions about configuring the forum background to make it multiple choice for every individual. Here’s a fun idea regarding that:

Let’s create a monthly poll to choose the background COLLECTIVELY!

Think about it. First, it would be reviving and re-establishing the custom of the old forums in a way
( the background changed after new heroes came out ). Second, It’s easier to manage than programming multiple-choice system. ( as i understood from the mentioned discussions ). And third, it’s fun and something every forumer could look forward to.

So yeah, boom. /end


Thanks man, @HipsterSkaarf @hazeleyes is this a possibility?

Hazel I promise never the clownwalker splashart…


Yeah, that’s totally do-able! I’m not sure on the timetable, and was kind of hoping the theming would be more set beforehand, but I think this is a great idea, so I’ll poke around and see if it’s possible sooner rather than later.


Old Vainglory icon. (Pre 2.0)…


Also it doesn’t have to be something official every time, but also Legendary artworks from fans and fun things like that. You catch my point

No fan works please… I’d much rather keep it official and (no offense to all you great artists) but I’d rather have quality than fan rep. Plus, you know, people might have issues with using their art without consent.


Fan art doesn’t mean low qualitry

Vainglory fan art policy gives no ownership to the creator and it can always be asked before using

Don’t worry, i think majority of votes would go to official stuff mostly. It’s a demcratic system after all

You know in my day job I am a political philosopher - there are so many ways to bias or rig an apparently democratic system.

I think we should stick to official stuff for the most part - with the exception of when/if we run art contests in the forums. With unofficial stuff there are often ownership headaches.


I’ve got some leads on getting the theme fixed. Just need to find some time today to dig through the details. (I’m currently elbow deep in JavaScript, writing a new player lookup routine for Andi. The old one finally broke when VainSocial deleted their player database this morning.)

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If I can get the background fix done today, should be possible quite soon indeed!