Mobile Gaming is growing... Where is the future?

Just saw this. What do you all think about the future of gaming in general? I have this feeling that PCs and Consoles are reaching their peak, and Mobile games have just started their climb. Especially seeing what SEMC has been able to do with VG and their EVIL engine. Interested to see what happens with mobile Fortnite. Seems like some profound momentum is beginning to gather.

I’m also curious about the changing of the actual gaming interfaces… Haven’t touched VR almost at all, but is the way we interact in esports, both as athletes and spectators making drastic changes? Seems like this article and others out there point to an open minded response so far.

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its the future. once upon a time… laptops was the future, the thing to get… to replace desktops… now its ipads, tablets that replace laptops…

it doesn’t surprise me that spending on games via mobile handheld devices are out performing PC’s.

VR is still an infant baby… there’s just not enough invested into VR to really bring out all the possibilities that VR could become…

If you talk to some crazy conspiracy theorists who’s been watching too much Matrix … they’ll say we’re actually living a VR in real life right now…

but my point is… forget VR… thats way too future…

The immediate future right now, is mobile gaming.


Honestly the future of mobile gaming will be phones and tablets really becoming a hybrid device one that can have a mobile ui but dock into a monitor keyboard and mouse giving it a full desktop ui.


Agreed, the paradigm is becoming much more dynamic. Also, much more integrated and, maybe, augmented into daily life… Even more than I think, the latest generation is experiencing.

So far the original try was a flop but a new company has sucessfully raised the money to produce these phone they are actually on preorder status atm

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