Moar School Day skins <3333


NGL i’ve been pretty negative/neutral about VG lately since I’ve been disconnected with the game but this made me a little happy.

Who do you think is the hero tho?

Spacey and School themes were always my fav skin line :sneezing_face:

Theres also more info on the reddit posts about Hero that copys ult and possible new items :star_struck:Reddit post


Meh, I just want a ringo skin that isn’t not rare and a legendary Samuel skin. Just saw someone already asked that, and that no ringo skin is in development, so… rip me. I’ve never been a fan of the SD theme though.


Apparently Ringo isn’t popular enough for a skin at the moment :disappointed:

Kind a disappointed that they decide (to a extent) who gets the next skin based on relevancy or popularity.

Though I understand that they wouldn’t want to make a skin for a irrelevant useless hero like * Cough *Petal that wouldn’t make enough sales since everyone knows how weak she is


Doesn’t surprise me, he is a bad bot laner right now. As a reference, L3oN placed ringo in D-C tier. And weak heroes are usually not popular.

It’s a shame that the last good skin he recieved (non rare one) was 4 years ago. That puts him probably the old hero with the least non rare skins in the game.


Dont forget Kestrel whos in second place for a overdue L skin :roll_eyes:


School Days Magnus seems the most obvious…


And she’s actually good rn lmao


What… When did I ever say Kestrel was bad >_>


Just mentioning how despite she is good she still never got an L skin like u mentioned


Ah. I see. Thats why I said

My bad for the confusion.


School days phinn , such a polite student loved by everyone .
School days grumpjaw (bookworm) he eats books .