Mmmm thanks LPQ

I disconnected one match, and I’m stuck in LPQ for three matches with 5+ min q time. Both my allies were feeding trolls, I was the only one actually playing. Did I mention it was a BLITZ match? The first time I’ve ever abandoned/disconnected in months, and I get this.

Thanks SEMC.

You dont get that kind of LPQ for one offense. That is atleast 3 offenses worth of LPQ.

I don’t know who the hell’s been reporting me then. I don’t play toxic, I don’t abandon, I don’t afk. There’s no reason I should be in LPQ.

You should try afking in 5v5, insta 15min lpq for me.

oof. yeah I haven’t even really bothered with 5v5. I can do most of my quests in blitz anyway. :confused:

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