MM Strikes again

Although it does not happen too often, the fact that this still happens even in 5 mans is just…dumb…

Seeing ringo in a ranked hurts my eyes

why? hes pretty strong right now.

Tbh Ringo is really weak considering there are way better options rn. For one, Silvernail is busted rn cause he can abuse his perk, has his wires, and a really good poking tool with a powerful ult that can win fights if used correctly or get people off of you. Ringo only has a slow that has a pretty sizeable CD and an ability that only makes him a bit faster and his attacks even faster (And his ult is useless on WP re-work PLS). KInetic is also good because her poke is annoying and she ramps up really quickly with a good dash and a BETTER Ringo Ult that is faster and deals more damage. Ringo’s kit just isn’t really well equipped for the current meta; especially with all the CC running around.

If you look at kits, yes he is kinda week. But dont forget the fact that hes one of the highest raw damage dealers in the game. I have a win rate of 60% in both 5v5 and 3v3 ranked with around 80 games played with ringo. Kinetic, yes shes strong atm and no one really knows to play silvernail lol. The strongest laner right now is without a doubt, Gwen. WP vox is just dead. But yeah, ringo isnt as weak lol as he looks lol. I dont watch many streams but few days back even leon was playing ringo. You know to stutterstep, you wreck. Simple.
PS- I just remembered, i beat a kinetic few days back as ringo by a big margin.

In high tiers Ringo is not worth much. Silvernail is top tier as well as Kinetic and Gwen.

Drafting ringo is a waste.

It’s just asking to be countered. Not only is ringo weak, but there are better versions of his kit out there with far less negatives.

It feels wasteful to pick ringo because of his demanding positioning but little payoff, leading to supports having an awful time relying on ringo for damage but having to poor in a ton of support for him.

Ringo is essentially the ranged duelist. He’s pretty bad in teamfights or even numbered fights so he basically sucks unless he’s flanking. The dude has a lot of damage but not that much utility so there is no reason to use him when he’s just as squishy and does just as much damage.

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This, tho I love ringo, he is more suitable for 3vs3 and before the release of heroes like silver/kinetic. Right now the raw dmg gets you just that far. I would exclude only ringo mains that stutterstep like their life depends on it (literally). This while eye/feel pleasing, is actually a negative as it makes him not that easy mechanically hero to play (this can lead also to consistency problems) vs some other heroes and all that while the dmg output is similar.

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People say he is very easy to use, but the skill required to master him is actually quite high.


Same with Koshka. People just don’t differentiate skill floor and skill cap and even skill floor based on level of gameplay. If you’re new they’re definitely easy to play but that changes with the level.

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RIngo was even picked during WESG, Kinetic, Silvernail, and Gwen are better for sure, but if those heroes are taken I’d chose Ringo next which was the scenario he was used.

Not really contradicting you, just saying being the 4th best bot lane is not particularly bad. It’s just that in this case the 4th is a good bit wore than the top 3.