MM Clarification for Casual?

Is there a MM algorithm or structure for Casual matches in 3v3 or 5v5? Or is it completely random? I usually don’t care about casual too much. But I literally just lost a game of 3v3 0-30 and went 0/6 myself. The two teammates must have literally never played the game before. Just frustrating. There was nothing I could do.

Just for context: I’m VG bronze in both 5v5 and 3v3 and 2300+ in blitz. Like… I’m a half decent player. It was rough.

Causal prioritises queue times over balance. Don’t expect to have a balanced match.

Despite how it appears sometimes, there IS a matchmaking algorithm for casuals, but SEMC has apparently tuned it for short queue times rather than anything resembling balanced teams. The results are often terrible and are hurting the game, in my opinion.

The change became apparent about 2 patches ago, iirc.

The change became apparent after the Chaos queue. They said they reverted it back to its original state, but clearly that wasn’t the case.

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Well, “reverted” probably isn’t what they did, that’s for sure. The matchmaker is definitely not trying very hard – I found this behind-the-scenes photo of the Vainglory matchmaker in action:


I think in that image it’s actually trying harder than in normal days.

I remember that casual had a completely different mmr to the one from ranked which led many high tier players to be quite upset with casual matches as they kept getting matched with low tiers since they barely played casual at all. Nowadays I wouldn’t be surprised if SEMC tweaked it and made it similar to the mmr it had for ranked ever since 5v5 came out, a complete mess.

I play a lot casual right now and i would say there is a pattern. It matchmakes three ways:

  1. If i see mid or higher tier players on my team im very likely going against a full party or at least trioq( often vgb)

  2. Me and rest are unranked players (sometimes reallly new) with similar situation on opponent team.

  3. Sometimes it creates a balanced fun match (more likely at good gaming hours). - rare

Edit: talking about 5v5.

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I played a 3v3 casual match recently and my team was doing very good and suddenly my laner started pushing and pushing and getting caught , me and the junglers pinged him a lot to stop it but he kept doing it until we lost , after the match ended It all made sense , the laner was afk and got replaced by a bot without telling us , like if I know it was a bot I would follow him and fight with him because we already lost anyway hehehehe .

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The first 10 person that queue for casual get placed in the same game, skill tier is irrelevant. Casuals are a mess i’ve given up playing them long ago.

You’re going to need to provide proof to back up that statement or else stop posting this nonsense. I’ve warned you about this in the past.

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Since I’ve stepped back from playing as much as I used to, I play ranked nearly exclusively to make up for lost time. I almost never play casual, however, even I think simply getting rid of it isn’t the answer. SEMC has given up trying to fix it so they’re just throwing it away, but I guarantee that it will have a much larger backlash than they believe.

I also think the state of the game must be pretty bleak if they are removing what was their base game mode.


I think that’s exactly what they’re doing: they’re unable to balance for both 3v3 and 5v5, so they’re just giving up on 3v3 altogether. I don’t think that will go over well, as you say.

I almost sure of it though, if i was to get people that are low tier in casual games (tier 4s, 5s, 6s) then match making would be at blame. But literally every casual game has at least 4 to 5 beginners, not low tiers, people that literally just downloaded the game. The fact that every game has beginners and that casual has very short q times shows that their is no rating taken into consideration. I am pretty sure they’ve never removed chaos queue from casuals, obviously i don’t have proof from a dev or something but the evidence is there

Generalizing from your own limited experience is not proof. Stop posting your opinion as fact. Last warning.

I am not generalizing tho i know people who play casuals daily and that still experience the same phenomenom. The evidence is there, a player that has hundreds of casual games, wins most of them and yet still gets beginners in every game. Plus its not like i am talking out of ass, their was an official announcement for chaos queue in casuals but never one saying it got removed.

Getting warned for giving my own opinion is pretty silly too, i am more than happy to be proven wrong but why should it not be allowed to give my opinion.

It’s because you are not making it clear that what you are saying is your opinion. You write it as though it’s a fact. And it’s not.

I think there is away to tell , smurfs
I know a guy t10 smurfing placed in t4 rank , if semc not trusting the casual matches to place someone directly to t7 or t6 , then they know it’s a chaos and can’t major skills until they enter the ranked matches and get the elo they deserve .

There is, but it’s a lot more relaxed than the one in ranked (and when you know what are the odds for unbalanced match there, you know why sometimes casual looks absolutely off/random).

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This happens in 3v3 too, a lot. I once went against a full party (guildmates) of a T9 and 2 T10s. I was T9 then, with T7 and T8. The T7 seemed to be surprised at all that’s happening and wasn’t sure on what to do. I gave up hope early match. :broken_heart: