Missing Spoils of War

I have not received Spoils of War for the last three matches I’ve played. Before those three I had one match with SoW after two more with no SoW. The screen didn’t show up, just sent me straight to the home screen. I’m sorry SEMC but what the fuck. Broken chests I can understand. Missing Battle Pass for players? Less fine, but whatever. The basic rewards for completing a match? Not cool. What’s going on with this update ??? First I can’t see BPs in the inventory, not it’s not even showing rewards.

Are you not seeing the Battle Pass at all?

I’d report directly to SEMC support:

Have you tried counting your glory?
I believe you will still get your reward regardless, SoW might just be a visual indicator.

Couldn’t tell you honestly, but that seems reasonable. I don’t pay attention to the numbers really, so the visusl missing of SoW seems like its not giving me anything. Just got a bronze chest though from a ranked game without SoW so have an answered :vg_ok:

This is a bug that is causing 0 gain from matches when spoils of war doesnt show up.

I had it twice in a row and gained nothing, so it isnt just a visual bug.

From what I gathered they just fixed the mess the NA server was in. Are you NA? If so have you played a match in the last half hour and recieved the SoW?

I have a gold key in my inventory that I don’t remember getting and there’s no way I can rush pass through SoW considering how much time it takes to show everything.

Like 3 seconds but it passes by for me half the time too yet I gain new items…

I am in NA, yes. After I posted this I played a ranked match, and did not receive the SoW screen. I did have a bronze chest in my bag afterwards that I had not seen before, which is my post above yours. Then I fell asleep. But I intend to play more when I get home, we’ll see what happens.