Miho is banishing me

Whenever someone chooses Miho, ally or enemy, the match (5v5, 3v3, Blitz, etc.) is loaded infinitely. I already tried to restart the game, but the game never loads.

I was queued at low priority several times for 15 minutes. When I finally thought I had completed the queue, I entered a blitz match where someone chose Miho…

I’m Android on mobile platform.

Try to completely uninstall the game/delete it’s files and download/install it again fresh.

Also welcome! :slight_smile:


To be fair, Miho is so OP maybe he is just losing the game before it even starts.

Hi there. Did Cha0z’s solution work?? I’ve tried uninstalling and deleting TWICE without any effect on this issue

I also use android on a mobile platform

I think it should work unless your device rooted or no enough space.

Thanks for responding LegendarE. I have, as of currently, 6.47Gb of free internal storage space(having uninstalled the app again) and my phone is not rooted. Perhaps there is something I’m missing, but I am reluctant to reinstall the game again for the 3rd time without a little assurance that the end result would be any different.

I’ve asked the dev about this, and they say they’re aware with Miho on certain devices :confused:

They should talk about this stuff in app , it’s just bad making people delete and reinstall the game , like if I have the problem I would even factory reset my device if the Devs aren’t saying anything about the problem in their side not my device .