Miho is a lot of fun!

So I heard there was a new hero so I came and took a look. My goodness, the complexity of her perk peaked my interest. I always welcome a new assassin to the family.

So 1 star later and this happened

They put up a decent fight, though with an afk pretty early on it probably wasnt fun for them.

Once you break down miho’s perk, things just clear up.

Just some things I’ve tested for.

Keen eye stacks last 6 seconda
Unguarded lasts 10 seconds.
A applies basic attack effects - but this is deceiving. It doesn’t mean it can only crit, but stealthily implies a very powerful mechanic: your a can apply the last stack of keen eye and detonate into unguarded at once.
You want to fight against unguarded opponents at all times if possible. The damage amp makes favoring high base damage a good strategy. Don’t buy sm bp with the intent of doing your basic wp assassin.

Good luck, I can’t wait to fight strong mihos in the future!


It doesnt mean it can crit

And that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo. Miho has been destroying everyone in Blitz precisely because A crits.

Edited, didn’t mean it like that, thanks.