Message to the Community on 1.19 - Complaining VS. Feedback

This thread was originally posted to the old forums by @duet and archived by @OneEyeOpen.


Over the past few days, I have been observing the threads across the forums and carefully reading through every new piece of content. I have noticed exactly two things:

  1. Almost everything is about 1.19.
  2. Almost everything is about how 1.19 is flawed in either one or multiple ways.

I personally understand the annoyances, pain, and frustration that everyone here is experiencing. Nearly every complaint that I have seen so far resonates with me to some degree. I have been unfairly banned by my teammates. I have found it frustrating to roam at times with the inconsistent changes to support items. I have been matched with and against toxic players. I have experienced everything that you guys have experienced, plus a little more at times.

But it is at this time that it becomes especially important for us to be stronger than ever as a community. The developers? They are frustrated too, perhaps even more than you all are. Keep in mind that we (as players) are this frustrated just from playing the game as it is. SEMC, the men and women behind Vainglory, have actually worked their hearts out on the game. They have also playtested every change in 1.19 for hours and hours without end. Imagine how frustrated they must be to discover that the update that they put so much time and effort into actually has a long way to go.

This is not necessarily a “SEMC is perfect,” or a “don’t ever criticize the developers because they are people too” post. Clearly, they aren’t perfect - after all, developers are still people - and neither are we. I simply wish to remind us all to keep things in perspective. 1.19 has been one of the largest updates ever released. We all clamored for changes, drastic changes, from all angles. SEMC has listened; this update has been very drastic. A lot of old habits that we have held onto have been destroyed, and a lot of new things have been put in their place for us to learn and discover. A lot of old issues have been fixed, and a lot of new ones have arisen. That is simply how it is with change. It takes time to perfect and is never absolutely smooth the first time around.

The developers are trying, really trying, to bring us a superior gaming experience. I have seen my fair share of gaming companies that do zilch for their IPs once income is stable. SEMC is quite literally the direct opposite. They sincerely have our interests at heart and take our ideas into consideration. When you post here, you aren’t crying wolf, and you aren’t talking to the wall. You are talking to people who care, listen, and want the same things that you do.

So instead of inundating this entire place with complaints, let us flood the forums with feedback. I draw a distinction between complaints and feedback here for a reason. Complaining is simply pointing out that something is wrong. That helps initially, but it does not have long term effects. Giving feedback, on the other hand, is pointing out the problem and suggesting a solution - which is tremendously helpful for finding out how to fix the given issue. If your computer broke down, you would not want somebody to tell you that your monitor is not turning on. You know that your monitor is dead because something is wrong. You have tried turning it on yourself to no avail, and a ton of other people have also pointed out that it is not working properly. You want somebody to tell you what went wrong or, at the very least, give you an idea of what you could possibly do to fix the issue. The same goes here.

I challenge us all to do everything possible to help the developers make the next patch (1.20) a success. Some of you have already chosen to do this by suggesting potential fixes to existing 1.19 problems instead of simply complaining about them, which is fantastic. We have been and are one of the strongest, most constructive, and most positive gaming communities that I have ever had the honor of participating in. Let us all remember never to let a single patch bring us down as a whole. We have seen worse days, more primitive days, and crazier days. We have even braved through entire updates of horrifically overpowered heroes without draft mode and bans.

We can live through this.

If this is all we got as a community when faced with even the smallest of changes, how can we survive long enough to see Vainglory evolve and become more than it has been? If this is our reaction to the changes that we demand, how can we expect any real progress to occur in the end? This is not the time to thrown in the towel, to flip the table, or to call it quits.

Because this is only the beginning.

In short: Complaining helps to a certain degree but does not expedite the problem-solving process. Giving feedback provides the developers with more resources to work with and enables them to better solve the problems that have been identified. Please do not quit over 1.19, which is only one patch out of many. Stick around; let us all help the game become something better.

Thank you for reading; this was a lot to get off my chest. I hope to see more constructive criticism and feedback on the forums in the coming days. I will also be actively working alongside everyone to better organize our collective thoughts on 1.19 so that the developers can utilize them in their work on the next update. You will hear more on this soon.


For those who are curious, Vainglory 1.19 was released on 23 June 2016 …

Nearly 2 years later, the thoughts posted here may be even more relevant today!