Mercenary Silvernail! by Mushk Rizvi

Another concept back to back?!?!?!! :open_mouth:

This time its “loreless” Silvernail that seems to be a mercenary? Idk but heres the art!

Though if you want to see the rest of the concepts, you gotta click the link :grimacing:

Mushk Rizvi’s Artstation!


Here are the concept sketches that @RiseChu obscured :unamused: It’s well worth visiting her ArtStation via the link above, however, because she also shows via an animation the process of creating the final splash art. It’s very cool!

Her full ArtStation portfolio is here:

I think the final one they went with is the best, Although I do like the one at the bar with the drink, and the one of him on the roof is pretty good too.

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The tea is that if you look back to one of the older concepts, you had said that I shouldn’t post everything and I should let their page get some visitors. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Then don’t post them. What I’m objecting to is you posting obscured versions of them.

Ehhh, I can probably do better nextime. Ill just fully black it out or crop.

Yeah I got click baited I thought they were NSFW hehehe

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